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Hi Guys, I am Doomish and this is my seventh video from Minecraft modpack SkyExchange. Today we are doing SoulShards farm for pigmens and its really hard.
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Hi guys fifth part of 7DaysToDie! Now we have motorcycle!
Traveling! Fights! METAL!

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Hi guys i will stream Black Mesa Source soon. Please Come! And Share!

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Hi guys! First part from overwatch on our Esport/ Gaming Channel!
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Look guys! Monthly highlights is out! You need to watch!
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So, this is preetty much dead...

There will no longer be a modpack release due to the 1.6.2 update. There will be a release as soon as a good amount of the mods that are to be used are updated. 

Good news everyone! Sorcery has been added and works wonderfully with the other mods! Next up is the wonderful world or minegika! Hopefully it doesn't crash with anything other than an ID error :)

Well guys, bad news. And sort of good news also. Minor Alchemy is going to be removed from the modpack. The calculations it's making for EV at startup are just taking way too long. On the upside, i'm considering adding in this mod:

Any comments?

Expect a release by the end of next week. It'll just be a config though just to be clear. You'll have to install all the mods yourself, but i'll give you guy plenty of links to make it easy for you. And happy fourth of July for all you Americans out there.
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