Riding on wagon filled with luggage, food, commodities and supplies being pulled by a stout horse

How long have Robin and Tuck been waiting for me? Hope they haven't left yet, otherwise all this packing would've all been for nothing. Even the horse is tired!
Pauses trip back to hideout to feed horse apples and a jug of water.

Preparing for trip back. Loading the wagon, bushes rustle nearby with light, animal-like footsteps

That's weird. I think someone's following me... Let's go.
Whips horse to thrust wagon forward gently and brisk into a trot deeper into the woods...

Heading back to the main hideout with a bag of supplies...

If Little John is still missing when I get back, I... I won't say it.

Aiming arrow towards archery target So +Tuck​, I hear u used to be a Friar before u became an outlaw? U don't look old enough to ever have been one


Little John is taking forever! Where IS he?

Nice place u got here. So, it's just u and +Tuck, huh +Robin Hood?

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