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Name = Kirito Kirigiya
Relationship = Single
Place = Japan Tokyo
Personality = Nice
Wears = Black Clothes no im not a Emo or Goth or admire Satan i dont
Religion = none
Age = 26
Accessoires/Weapons i carry = a Sword and a Pistol
Level = 1
Hates = monsters and People That bully and beat up the weak
Family = none
Friends = none
Eyes = Black
Hair = Black
Weight = i dont know
Height = no idea
Loves = i dont have a clue
Pets = none
Gender = Male
Movies = too many to say
Music = thats also too many to say
Games = once again too many to say

My SAO/Sword Art Online Roleplay Character Profile

P.s. I know i changed a few things That arent True or is wrong but i hope you all accept it anyways im only here to make friends and roleplay and have fun That is all so ^^ i hope you all Will understand and forgive me greets from me

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Guild: Laughing Coffin

1. Shinkawa Kyouji (me)

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Name: Kyouji Shinkawa
Weapon choice: AK-47 and pistol 
Personality: kind, psychotic, perverted, pushy, smart
Best ranges: speed, stealth, strength
Likes: Asada, GGO, being stronger
Dislikes: being weak, not getting what he wants, being bullied
Bio in real life: Kyouji is the second son of the director of a hospital. Kyouji was bullied at school and was also being pressured by his parents to succeed them, therefore he gave up on reality and turned to the virtual world. He believed that being strong in virtual world would cover his weakness in the real world. He later developed a hatred towards XeXeeD, as well as other STR-oriented players, for suggesting players to focus on raising their AGI parameter, which later turned out to be a bad choice as a STR focused build turned out to be better in the long run due to such players being able to wield heavier guns, thus destroying Spiegel's development.
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Aviator name: Viper
Real name: William
Age: 16
Gender: male
Level: 45
guild: non
Cursor: green
Aviator description: navy blue trench coat with a insignia on each sleeve (see picture), sword on back, blonde hair, blue eyes, somewhat intimidating, 5'9", 150pounds
Real life description: same
Weapons: light blue brod sword, and a katana
Personality: keeps feelings inside, prefers to have a small group of friends, likes to be alone most of the time, may seem like he doesn't care about others but he doesn't show it directly, smart, hard to understand at times, uses few words
Skills: elementlist (magic sword play) , blacksmith ,

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Name: Kirito (Kazuto Kirigya)
Unit ID: NND7-6355
Gender: Male
Height: 5 8"
Age: 18
Race: Human

Powers: Exceptional speed and agility. I don't like to confront others but I excel when I do.

Weaknesses: Headstrong, overconfident, self sacrificing, to afraid of loosing more friends.

Strengths: Strong willed, loyal, hardy, devoted, driven, relaxed in social situations, energetic in battle.

Level 96
HP 18500

One Handed Sword - Completed
Abilities: Horizontal, Horizontal Square, Rage Spike, Slant, Spinning Shield, Sonic Leap, Vertical Square, Vertical, Vertical Arc, Vorpal Strike, Arms Blast.
Dual Blades - Completed
Abilities: Double Circular, Starburst Stream, Eclipse.
Martial Arts - 991 / 1000
Abilities: Flash Hit, Embracer, Meteor Break, Escape.
Blade Throwing - 967 / 1000
Abilities: Mislead
Parry - Completed
Battle Healing - 944 / 1000
Searching - Completed
Abilities: Hypersense
Hiding - Completed
Sprint - 870 / 1000
Extended Weight Limit - 949 / 1000
Fishing - 604 / 1000

Weapon: I have two swords most of the time. My crystal sword (Dark Repulser) is my newest one. The digital artwork on my black one (Elucidator) is what makes it my favorite.

Bio: Starting in Sword Art Online, I was in Full Dive VRMMO in the tower Aincrad. Over 3,500 people died IRL in that game, I knew some of them personally. It wieghs on me but I push the through trauma for a better today. I went back to Full Dive VRMMO with Alfheim Online and soon found out that my best and closest friend was one of 300 stuck in the game. I was able rescue her and expose her captor with the help my sister and a few amazing friends. I returned to VR MMO this time with new equipment. After getting into my new Amusphere, I found that Gun Gale Online used guns mainly, but I still selected a sword for my main weapon. My objective this time was to expose the gamer responsible for 3 IRL Deaths in the game. Finding them took quite a while but I found quickly that they were a member of the Laughing Coffin, a Red Guild. I had to fight them IRL but my passion for saving my new friend fueled my abilities to take them down. 

Personality: Serious yet jovial, I try to simply have fun. Dark past with a lot of loss and death. Determined and defiant.

Likes: My cottage on floor 22 (Forest house K4), Friends and enjoying eachother's company.
Dislikes: Red Guilds (Laughing Coffin), PK in general (Few exceptions), loosing my friends

Relationship status: It's Complicated
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NAME~ deleted from memory
AGE~ 10
DESCRIPTION~ She has short green hair and eyes that match. Her cheeks are pink along with her thin lips. She wears a blue dress with white ends and red bows. Her voice is soft and high pitched.
PERSONALITY~ She is kind and loves to help, it is how she was programmed.

(Bam, first profile)
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