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Tonia Chantell

Discussion  - 
I really want the group to go here, but I can't host!
Bus doesn't go out this far.  

Look at the view.

The events are fun and creative!

Wine dinners and meet the farmers
Mixologist demos

And Sunshine Thursdays
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About this community

This is a social group for people in their 30's and 40's in Monterey County, CA This page is a place to share event ideas, interests, vids and pics of events, etc. Feel free to list your interests and hobbies and share anything you like! If you've found this page thru google, click on the meetup link below and join the group! It's a lot of fun.
Monterey, CA

Tonia Chantell

Discussion  - 
My idea is members can use this page to say, Let's do a movie on Saturday or "I ride my bike every weekend, any other bike riders in the group?"
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