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Welcome to the community if you have any questions just ask

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Name: Grimlock
Age: 21
Gender: male
Teacher or student?: teacher
Personality: Personality smart kind hearted willing to fight for his friends but at times acts cold to others to protect them
Ability type: Mental
Abilities name: Sentara mode
Division: infantry
Weapons: (2) ALFA C katana ombat (2)
Class: S class
Likes: sleeping cooking and reading
Dislikes: bad food, boredom and cocky people 
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Name: Xavier
Age: 20
Gender: male
Teacher or student: student
Personality: brave friendly
Ability type: supernatural
Abilities name:mystic
Division: assault
Weapons: katana and pistol
Class: E class
Likes: sleeping and video games
Dislikes: veggies
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