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Hello and Welcome!!!!

In this community, we will offer you nothing but love and support! Our mission is to help you out of a depressed mood. Feel free to post how you feel and we will pay attention!


1. NOTHING Mean or offensive

2. No harassment

3. Follow Google Plus rules

4. Be respectful and helpful
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I wanna talk about this. this is important and I need to talk about it.

I had someone special. she was stunning gorgious. she was preety. she was kind. she was loving. she adorded childish things and loved art. she was an artist. her name was sheila. and I was in love with her and her with me.

we met on this site called which was an opinion and quiz site connected with multiple other websites that were quiz based. we met because I did one of her quizzes which was a friend one. we talked and talked and talked and I kinda dissapered due to issues. when I talked to her again I was desperate for someone to love and be imment with. she was like that to until one day she started getting pains from doing it or feeling it ((we were miles apart as she was in the western us and I'm in the Canadian sheild somewhere in ontario)). during this time I was a horny fuck I'll say that right now. I kept pushing not caring at all for it and because of that she cheated on me and left me. it kept going down hill from there. I left for a long while when I met someone else and tried it but it didn't work. when I went back to it a few months ago she had changed drasticly from a person who loved orange and pandas to someone wearing black with emerald lipstick and grey skin powder. we talked for abit and I wanted to repair it as best I could. she stopped talking to me a long time ago. I haven't heard from her for a long time. it's been so long. I miss her.

now that I'm older I hate my younger self even more now. I made a horrid mistake and because of it I lost my soul mate forever. it's my fault. now I am alone and I will be forever as is both my choice and my fate forever and ever.

my name is andrew. he name was sheila and we were sitting in a tree k I s s I n g.

the help I wish from this is someone to talk to actually. just talk...
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Well I'm new here so I may as well share a problem I've had and possibly still having right now a few nights ago I had a violent paranormal happening. what happened was it was late and I couldn't sleep at all. so I'm looking around and I see this u natural shadow on my ceiling above me with what looks like a meat cleaver. so slowly I try to grab the light remote for my room when something grabs me and breaths on my neck. it was like being covered I'm rain water wet so I finally get it panicking and the remote is broken like the case is removed so I turn it on and leave it on all night. didn't go to sleep after that. what I felt that night was fear. so later today I had a horrible head ach like the bad one where you want to take a hammer and crack your skull wide open to make the pain stop and such. so I rest and I dream of that event but through a tv and in the background i hear this horrid laughter like the jockey from left for dead 2. it was horrifying and when I woke up I still heard it for 5 minuites. I don't know what to do ;-;

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Thanks for thine invite even though I don't get depressed I'll make sure to recommend this to some of my depressed friends
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