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Hi! I am Owner~chan! Welcome to the release of the new VR game, Sword Art Online! I would like you to read this the whole way through before starting! I will delete and posts that are not SAO related, UNLESS you tag them as #UNRELATED . I will not allow any Repost-OR-Die posts on this community. You will be allowed ONE profile, and edits can be made as you go. The mods or I have to approve it before you can RP. This is a fan community, so there is a section for posts about the show. NO posts that have inappropriate content please! Lets try to stay PG-13! You are allowed to RP in SAO, ALO, or GGO, just let us know which one you are using! You also need at least 3 members to make an alliance. If you would like to, tag me or the mods on the post, and we will accept it. These are the profile requirements.
1. Name
2. Age
3. Bio
4. Gender
5. Personality
6. Likes and Dislikes
7. Weapon of choice
8. Picture
Please label all except the pic! Label like this: 1. Blah blah blah
Fave fun!~

Y is no RP?!!!!!!!!

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Name: Midori Mizushima
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She is typically very calm, mature, and sure of herself. She often helps weaker players on the lower levels but typically spends time on the higher levels to gain experience.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Asexual
Relationship: None
Status: Green (the vast majority of the time)
Guild: None (Solo player)
Likes: Video games, helping less experienced players, participating in quests, customized weapons, eating in general
Dislikes: Most beta testers, cheaters, people who pick on lower-leveled players for no good reason, forgetting to bring her weapon, bad spelling
Weapon of Choice: Katana
Level: 70
Bio: She found most of the good hunting areas by herself, grinding up levels until her starting weapons broke, forcing her to wait for a monster to drop one. Once she got a new weapon, she immediately started doing quests to build experience and get more money. After she had enough money to buy a customized weapon, she bought a katana made with a strong metal. She quickly gained enough levels to join the clearing group, but still remained a solo player.
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Also, if your profile dies, Make a post, and tag the mods or myself, and we will either revive you or allow you another profile! Lets try to not to kill other players~

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Owner-chan's profile!
1. Kazumi Yuusaka
2. 17
3. Female
4. Personality: Icy; Mean and cold. She has never shown sympathy or mercy as she kills monsters and other players. Can be nice, but never shows it. A mix of a Tsundere and Dorodere.
5. Scythe
6. Likes: Destruction; Killing other players if she wants to; leveling up; other high leveled players; being feared; hard work; anime and manga
Dislikes: Most men; Players that stand in her way; low ranked players and players that are part of alliances
7. Status: Typically Orange
8. Level: 62
9. Family:?
10. Bio: I'm a higher-up! I don't listen to low-level scum! I'm a solo player, because guilds are for the weak! I used to be Captain Heathcliff's right-hand player! Now my goal is to become the strongest player! Who cares if I knock a few players dead along the way? They were in my way anyway! They clearly wanted to die!
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Name: Jurou Haruto

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Born: 14th October 1995

Status: Orange

Mental State: Insane

Level: 51

Weapons: Katana/Cross bow

Guild: Laughing Coffin

Family: None at present

Bio: I have all ways loved playing the bad guy. Why would anyone not want to be a bad guy? I mean, take what you want, kill who you want and have fun, right? Hehe...I'm an MMO regular, I know how these games work. All I gotta do is find an easy exploit and level up and up and up and...why not have some fun on the way? Oh sure, this time it really is murder but no body actually knows if you die.

Hey? I could be saving them? But do I get thanks? No! I get them running away from me! Fearing me! I mean what kind of respect is that?

Ok yes, so I enjoy killing people in pretty horrible ways but that's not the point! Its nothing personal it's just I'm doing them all a favor. It's all good! And I get to keep any loot I find! Haha! HAHA!! LEARN TO FEAR ME!!!

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We are the new generation of Virtual Reality gamers! We are SAO!

The sweet sound of chopping echoes through the empty streets, the distance crackle of laughter floats to unwilling ears as the screams of the victim drown out the fear that lies around this murder. The screaming stops as the street briefly gleams blue as the innocent player dies. For a second there is only silence. A dark robed figure walks down the street. He begins to laugh

"Wahaha! Hah! Haha!! Another one bites the dust!!" He slides his katana back into his holster and begins counting the loot in his inventory "Ohhh...look at that! My pay for saveing another poor soul! What? Only 24 coal!? Outrageous!"
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