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//Profile Recommendations//
Age (14-18):
Good or Bad Student:
Force Sensitive:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:

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Name: William Shan.
Nickname: Will
Age (14-18): 18
Good or Bad Student: Good
Force Sensitive: Yes
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Homeworld: Corellia
Weapons: Green bladed lightsaber
Personality: Brave, selfless, dark
Bio: A direct descendant of Revan, I started training at a young age, keeping my past a secret and becoming best friends with Anakin Skywalker. Secretly likes Barriss.


Name: Emily Parker
Nickname: Em
Age: 14
Good or Bad Student: Good
Force Sensitive: Medium
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Light tan
Hair Color: Brown
Homeworld: Naboo
Weapons: Green Lightsabers/Blastor (kinda like Ezra's in Rebels, but u can shoot it with the saber on)
Personality: Strong willed, feminine, protective, kind, athletic, caring, strong, stubborn, kind, loyal
Bio: Emily was Born on Naboo to a poor family. When the Jedi found her at the age 4, her family gladly let them take her to give her a better home. She started training as soon as she got to the temple. Know she is a Padawan to a Jedi Knight. Nothing big has happened in her life.

Kinda dead here if I may be honest... hopefully Can possibly the active people comment and or like this post just so I know?

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"I don't think you're able to handle me on your own. I'm able to defeat you easily."
"I can handle things on my own. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."

Marylin Mae Tennyson


Eye Color:
Olive Green

Hair Color:

Skin Color:






~ Ben's Team
~ DNA Force
~ Plumbers
~ Chadzmuth

~ Hero
~ Student (good)

~ Advanced Intuition
~ Enhanced Eidetic Memory
~ Exceptional Leadership
~ Skills
~ Freestyle Hand-to-Hand
~ Combatant
~ Marksmanship
~ Spontaneous
~ Learning/Understanding


Aliens Transformation:
~ Heatblast
(Powers & Abilities)
- Heatblast has the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from his body. He can form fire into any shape that he chooses, commonly fireballs. He can enhance the fire in his hands for flaming punches. He also can breathe fire.
- Heatblast can create a small fire board on which he can ride at high speeds by launching fire backwards like an engine. On this board, he has enough skill to ride in a continuous circle.
- Heatblast is fireproof, as well as heat resistant and invulnerable to magma. Interestingly, he is also cold resistant and ice proof.
- Heatblast has enhanced strength and durability. He can also survive being thrown through multiple buildings at high speed with no damage.
- Heatblast can swim and use his powers underwater, but with a very low intensity.
- Heatblast can shoot a calorific laser with his two hands.
If exposed to enough water or fire extinguishing substance, Heatblast's fire will be extinguished, though he can still heat up and reignite his fire in short amounts of time.

~ Wildmutt
(Powers & Abilities)
- Wildmutt's main ability is his sense of smell. As he has no eyes, his "vision" is made up of a dull 3D mapping of where his senses originate, similar to a thermograph. Combined with his enhanced hearing, his senses take the form of a radar or sonar, allowing him to still perceive his environment more clearly. His enhanced speed and reaction time allows him to dodge, evade, and counterattack effortlessly with the help of his senses.
- Wildmutt can track almost anything and anyone by their scent.
- Wildmutt has superhuman strength, as he can rip off the roof of a car with ease. Wildmutt can dig deep craters at a fast speed, even while digging through solid stone ground.
- Wildmutt has enhanced agility that allows him to run, jump and climb at an inhuman rate. He is highly acrobatic and gymnastic, with such movements being similar to that of an ape.
- Wildmutt is a quadruped, however he is capable of standing on his hind legs, and he can punch, somewhat awkwardly, by doing this. In addition, his feet were shown to be prehensile.
- Wildmutt also possesses razor sharp teeth and claws.
- Wildmutt can't talk. Instead, he communicates through a combination of barking and snarling. Due to this, it is extremely difficult for anyone to understand him.
- Wildmutt's senses are very sensitive, making him vulnerable to anything that can overwhelm his senses such as a high-pitched sound or a strong smell.
- Wildmutt's lack of eyes makes him completely dependent on his other senses (mainly olfactive).
- When infected with a cold, Wildmutt's nostrils (on the sides of his neck) get blocked by mucus, making him unable to smell or hear and rendering him essentially "blind". In addition, his fur color seems to "decrease" from its vivid orange to a pale yellowish-orange tone, and his lips and claws turn from black to a sickly dark green hue.

~ Diamondhead
(Powers & Abilities)
- Diamondhead's body is composed of extremely thick organic green crystals. He has the ability to manipulate the atomic structure of his physiology at will, allowing him to form his limbs into diamond weapons such as blades and bludgeons. Moreover, he can control all crystals he generates.
- He can make monstrous and large clusters of crystals, conjuring walls and forming crystal shields and ramps that he can slide upon. He can also generate crystals from the ground at a distance. He can reshape his projectiles into limited shapes, and can also form gaping hands to capture enemies.
- Diamondhead's body resembles a living prism, allowing weapons similar to lasers to be refracted and rendered useless.
- Due to the natural density of crystal, Diamondhead is extremely durable to physical impacts.
- Because of Diamondhead being made out of organic crystals, Diamondhead is immune to aging, as crystals do not age.
- Diamondhead can regenerate, but to a limited extent.
- Diamondhead can crack and shatter if impacted with enough force or exposed to strong sonic vibrations and might even fall unconscious.
- While Diamondhead can regenerate limbs, there is a limit to how much damage he can recover from.
- The two shards on his back can also leave him stuck on a wall or on other surfaces that he gets knocked into. Gwen as Diamondhead lacks this weakness.

~ Grey Matter
(Powers & Abilities)
- Grey Matter's small size belies his great calculative and technical intellect. He can create complicated machines from spare parts, understand the function of any device at a glance, and make sophisticated repairs to complex machines. Grey Matter's intellect serves as a problem solver and analytical help in difficult situations. This allows Grey Matter to think more strategically when brute force is inefficient.
- Grey Matter can sometimes manipulate living things by stimulating certain parts of their nervous system, if such beings can be controlled by external stimuli.
- Grey Matter's size allows him to squeeze into small spaces and can climb walls due to tiny suction cups on his skin. He also has sharp teeth and his slimy skin makes him difficult to grab.
- Grey Matter is amphibious and has gills.
- Grey Matter's small size makes him ill-suited for physical battle, so he must outsmart his enemies in a fight. Animals like dogs and cats can be a problem, as they may see Grey Matter as a chew toy or food to them.

~ Four Arms
(Powers & Abilities)
- Four Arms' most prominent ability is his enhanced strength, being able to lift several times his own weight and punch through various resilient materials with ease. His strength allows him to use anything heavy as a weapon, from big rocks he can throw several feet away, to beams and pillars that can be used as clubs. His great strength even extends to his jaws and bite, allowing him to bite metal and damage it.
- Four Arms can create strong shockwaves by clapping all four of his hands together or slamming his fists on the ground. By clapping two of his arms, he only can set aside gas, dust or any air-traveling menace that could hurt him.
- Four Arms can jump several times his own height, at least seven stories up, in a single bound.
- Four Arms has high durability, being almost fire and laser-proof.
- Four Arms' bulk sometimes is a disadvantage; all the extra muscle mass makes him relatively slower than other opponents, and his size, likewise, makes using things, or moving through areas designed for smaller species difficult. His immense size also makes him an easy target for enemy attacks.

~ Stinkfly
(Powers & Abilities)
- Stinkfly possesses two insectoid wings that allow quick and agile flying, and can change directions at exceptional paces.
- Stinkfly can excrete high pressured streams of some green viscous liquid or methane gas from two ducts located inside of his shoulders. These liquids are both flammable and an immobilizing adhesive.
- His exoskeletal body is also fairly strong, allowing him to survive unscathed while being smashed through buildings and being caught inside a large explosion.
- Stinkfly has great strength in proportion to his body, able to carry heavy loads while maintaining steady flight.
- Stinkfly glows in dark.
- Stinkfly is extremely weak to any kind of chemical, poison, or gas. This can include his own poison gas.
- Although his exoskeleton body is fairly strong, Stinkfly's wings are very fragile. Water is especially a problem for Stinkfly, as it can render him incapable of flight if too much gets on his wings.
- A more minor inconvenience is Stinkfly's odor, so hiding from anything or anyone that can smell can be a problem. Also, his glow can make him spotted.
- Stinkfly's flammable gases can be used against him if he is inside them.

~ Ripjaws
(Powers & Abilities)
- Ripjaws is strong and is able to lift more than his own weight. He can also easily punch a hole in a dock.
- Ripjaws is highly agile and dexterous.
- Ripjaws' large jaws and sharp teeth have proven to be his most deadly weapon, being able to shred even metal from submarines. He also possesses sharp claws that can damage metal.
- Ripjaws is able to breathe underwater, as well as swim at high speeds with amazing agility. He has great endurance and can withstand strong water pressure, meaning he possesses the nature of abyssal aquatic life, hence his blank eyes and the anglerfish light in his forehead, which can serve as a light in dark areas.
- Ripjaws displays the distinctive feature of turning his legs into a fish's tail and vice-versa, giving him a merman-like appearance, while outside the water environment, he displays a loincloth with a similar pattern to his tail (implying the loincloth wraps around his legs, fusing with it and becoming the tail). While his legs are formed into a tail, Ripjaws can swim very well at great speeds.
- Ripjaws is able to fit a mass supply of objects in his mouth.
- Ripjaws' greatest weakness is his inability to stay out of water for too long, requiring it to keep him from dehydrating. However, he needs it less in Omniverse, since Piscciss Volanns do not rely on water as much as they get older.

~ Upgrade
(Powers & Abilities)
- Upgrade is not completely solid, as he can be both liquid and gelatinous. Due to this, he can reshape himself to let projectiles or blows pass through him by creating a hole in his body at will.
- Upgrade can use his internal nanotechnology to merge with and possess any technology by encasing himself over it. The size of the device is not significant and he controls it as naturally as he would his own body. When he merges, he upgrades the technology, making the technology he possess far more advanced and futuristic and causing new features to form on it. This enhancement also can destroy the technology if it is already advanced enough, as seen in Freaky Gwen Ben. Possessing technology allows him to transform it with seemingly no limit, such as merging with the Rustbucket and turning it into a space ship, while the moment he un-merged with it, it returned to normal. He can also make his head or his face appear anywhere on the machines he possesses.
- Due being made of living metal, Upgrade is able to regenerate himself.
- Upgrade is weak against electricity (being living metal). Upgrade is sensitive to electromagnetic pulse/fields and magnetic fields.
- As a toddler, Upgrade can not completely merge with technology.

~ Ghostfreak
(Powers & Abilities)
- Ghostfreak's powers are composed of several aspects of traditional ghosts from myths and lore, such as hovering and phasing through solid matter, making his intangibility a powerful defense as well as a means of infiltrating high-security locations. He has been shown to be capable of making other objects or people intangible and transparent as well through physical contact. Also, he can phase parts of himself through people to cause them pain or to shock them into submission, with it also being shown that he can make people feel deathly cold by moving through them.
- Ghostfreak can fly, has a movable eye, can become invisible, and can survive in space. Ghostfreak is able to possess the bodies of his enemies and control their movements, to the point where he can cause them to fly like himself, allowing him to freely slam them against walls or hit themselves. He can also access the abilities of other beings that possess superpowers. In the case of Darkstar, he also had access to his powers once he possessed him.
- Ghostfreak can stick his claws into his head and sting them, as shown with Thumbskull.
- Ghostfreak can use the tentacles under his protective skin as a means of scaring his enemies into submission. However, Ghostfreak has also been seen using them to grab heavy objects, such as a bus full of people. The tentacles also appear to be resistant towards sunlight.
- Ghostfreak's true form, without his protective skin, has telekinetic abilities, using only his telekinetic abilities and energy beam projection. His true form also has sharp teeth and claws, as well as an inverted skull. His outer skin protects him from burning in the sunlight.
- Ghostfreak is immune to Darkstar's energy absorption ability, as an Ectonurite has no life force in the conventional sense.
- Ghostfreak can rotate his skull.
- Ghostfreak's tentacles are strong enough to lift a bus full of people.
- Ghostfreak can alter his shape and deform like gas by making himself into a smoke like wispy form.
- Much like other intangible beings, certain substances can neutralize Ghostfreak's intangibility and his invisibility.
- Ghostfreak's second skin inhibits many of his powers, but removing it makes him vulnerable to sunlight.
- Though he is able to fly, he is not very fast in the air, and therefore must rely on his intangibility and invisibility to evade attacks.
- In the original series, Ghostfreak's DNA was linked to the conscious, memories, and personality of Zs'Skayr, who took over Ben and freed himself after the Omnitrix timed out, making Ghostfreak a dangerous alien to use. However, Ghostfreak now exists independently from Zs'Skayr, complete with Ben's personality, so this is no longer an issue.
- His intangibility is useless when faced by another being that can go intangible.
- Magic can also harm Ghostfreak.
- Ghostfreak cannot possess beings who have no mind, like a zombie for example.

~ Frank Tennyson (father)
~ Natalie Tennyson (mother)
~ Kenneth Tennyson (brother)
~ Gwen Tennyson (sister)
~ Carl Tennyson (paternal uncle)
~ Sandra Tennyson (aunt-by-marriage)
~ Ben Tennyson (paternal cousin)
~ Max Tennyson (grandfather)
~ Verdona (grandmother)
~ Gordon Tennyson (paternal grand uncle)
~ Betty Jean Tennyson (grand-aunt-by-marriage)
~ Joel Tennyson (first cousin once removed)
~ Vera Tennyson (grand aunt)
~ Sunny (cousin)

~ Immature
~ Smart
~ A Bit Clumsy
~ Somewhat Childish
~ Curious
~ Caring
~ Independent

Marylin Mae Tennyson was a normal ten-year-old kid until she found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed her to turn into ten different aliens. Though initially immature, Marylin grew to be a true hero, along side with Ben. By the time the two aged sixteen, they had become famous in not only their hometown of Bellwood, but on Earth and beyond.
Marylin Mae Tennyson
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(Open RP)

School had started again. Marylin went into the school and she went to her locker and opened it. She was putting things in her locker while taking the stuff out that she needs for the first class dang. Summer vacation is over mumbles I still want to travel with grandpa sighs while closing her locker

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"I regret everything I did! I shouldn't have trusted Maul! It's my fault for my father's death!!"
"Why do you care? I don't."
"Don't you dare mess with my family!"
"Leave me alone!"
"Why can't he just listen to me for once?"

Mira Bridger

>Firefly (Called by my dad)
>Ad'ika (Called by my mom)

Code Name:
Spectre 8



Eye Color:
Brown (Left)
Blue (Right)

Hair Color:
Dark Blue

Skin Color:


>Two Yellow-Bladed Lightsabers
>Mandalorian Vambraces
-Force Push (Doesn't use because I actually can do that myself)

>Kori (Boyfriend)
>Ezra Bridger​​​​​​​​ (Dad)
>Sabine Wren​​​​​​​​ (Mom)
>Emma Bridger​​​​ (Oldest Sister)
>Sadie Bridger (Older Sister)
>Era Bridger (Older Sister)
>Erin Bridger (Older Only Brother)
>Dawn Jarrus (Aunt)
>Rosa Bridger (Daughter; Older Twin)
>Rose Bridger (Daughter; Older Twin)
>Kanan Jarrus (Space Grandpa)
>Hera Syndulla (Space Grandma)
>Garazeb Orrelios (Space Uncle)
>Kallus (Space Uncle)
>Chopper (Space Pet)

Dawn Jarrus


>Ezra Bridger​​​​​​​​ (Mostly)
>Kanan Jarrus

>Respectful, most of the time
>Being Tough

>Wanting to help
>My lover Kori
>Practice dueling
>Practice combat (especially hand-to-hand)

>Getting hurt (physically and emotionally)
>Seeing people hurt
>Seeing people suffering
>The Empire
>Being called a "Youngling"
>Fighting with people (arguing)

Being mind controlled. The only Siths are able to do that are:

Darth Maul (Can't fully control me)
Darth Vader (Can almost fully control me)
Darth Sidious (Can fully control me)

Cure of weakness:
I have to be knocked out and at least two Jedi have to put their light energy of the force into my brain, which will make the mind controller let me go.

Maul is the weakest one, so it will be easy but two will be needed.

If it's Darth Vader, two Jedi are needed and they have to concentrate really hard.

If it's Darth Sidious, it's best to have three or four Jedi to drive him out.

Side Effect After Being Healed:
After the Sith lets me go from me being controlled, I'll wake up moments later and I will receive a really bad headache. The feeling is like a really hard pounding and because of that headache, I won't be able to walk so I'll have to get carried.

I was born at home base on Atollon by Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger. I am a force sensitive female who's learning the ways of the Jedi by my father, Ezra Bridger, and who I call grandpa, Kanan Jarrus. Hera Syndulla, who I call grandma, teaches me how to fly so some day, I have my own ship to fly and maybe form my own squadron or take over as Phoenix leader maybe? I don't know yet. I received two lightsaber crystals at the age of thirteen. I constructed two single-bladed yellow lightsabers, and later on for my birthday, my mom gave me Mandalorian Vambraces and she taught me how to use them. My mother teaches me Mandalorian ways, and my father teaches me the Jedi ways. It's all confusing, Mandalorians seek revenge which it's their nature, but it's not the way of the Jedi. I'm half Jedi and Mandalorian, so I am and act different than any other Jedi. At eighteen, my parents were being held captive by Darth Maul, but Kanan and the others told me not to interfere because one thing, they all wanted to protect me because I am a Jedi, which now in this galaxy, they're aren't that many, and second reason, they think I'm not ready. Without permission, I stole a rebel ship and went to find Maul and my parents. I found Maul, and we did duel. After a while if dueling, Maul fled away like a coward as usual, and I rescued my parents and brought them to the base. Yes Kanan, Hera, Zeb, and other rebels were furious that I left without permission, but all was forgiven.

~Confronting Maul~
When I was around 18. Both my parents were kidnapped by Maul. I thought of to go save them myself, and more importantly, when Maul kidnapped my parents, I relized that he lied to me about that my father never wanted me, because Maul manipulated my mind. I felt guilty and I wanted revenge. Kanan told me not to go after them, not just yet because you can't act if you don't have a plan. I've always respected Kanan because he alwayed listened to me, and he respected my age, but my dad never did and that's why we never had a great relationship. I respected my mother more, but she sometimes listened to what I had to say. I disobeyed Kanan, for the first time in my life. I stole a Y-Wing and used the force to find Maul. I eventually found Maul, and my parents while they both were in restraints. Before Maul knew I was there, I attacted him after activating my lightsabers. We both fought until I stabbed a blade into Maul's back, instantly killing him. I ran to my parents and took all the restraints off. With tears in my eyes, I hugged the both of them and cried saying "I-I should have believed you, I-I should have..." then I went to hug my dad, and I cried more with guilt. I told him that I was tricked by Maul, made me believe those things. We all went back to home base, Chopper Base on Atollon and luckily, there was just enough room in the Y-Wing that I stole, but we all were cramped in the ship. We climbed out of the ship without trying to step on eachother's feets. Kanan approached to me, I told him I killed Maul, but Kanan knew I killed Maul out of anger for revenge, but it's Mandalorian way and I want to respect Mandalorians beliefs considering I am a Mandalorian. Kanan couldn't argue with me, and I went back to my dad and hugged him again, as though I still felt guilty for believing Maul.

~My New Born Twin Daughters~
I was pregnant with my twin daughters, Rosa and Rose. I had to have a C-Section because the fetal was in distress and so was I because the cord was wrapped around Rosa and she had to be the first one born. I spent almost eight hours of labor but then I realized that something was wrong. After I had my C-Section, I passed out for four hours. I was only in the med bay for one week until I got to go home. I was happy to be home and instead of being in the boring med bay.
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