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Rules for this community

If you want to participate in this community, please pay attention to following rules:

1) General
1. The topic of your post / link / picture should be about japanese tea. This is no community for tea in general. Not chinese tea, not korean tea, not anything else, only japanese tea culture. If your post is only Japan, but not tea related, it will be deleted too. No connection to Japan or its tea culture will result in a ban from this group, at first time!
2. No shop advertising anymore. You can recommend specific tea in a discussion/comments, but no thread starting with an advertisement! Blog linking is ok, if you have content about japanese tea culture. It should be easy to find though, as the moderation won't search extensively for content about japanese tea culture. Not finding anything about japanese tea culture or not easy enough will result in removing of the link or even ban.

2) Photography
1. If you do not own the rights for a photography you're posting, at least add proper credits (creator, url etc.). This is the bare minimum! Pictures without any kind of credits will be deleted if they aren't clearly yours. (except Public Domain) Please keep in mind that pictures are not always free to grab on the internet. Respect the photographer.

There won't be any warnings for violations, moderators will simply take action. No questions asked, the rules are simple and clear.

Thanks for reading.

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Tin perfect for Matcha Storage
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This is par of the new guy that lives in his moms basement collection. This is called regret. It has a salty tast with a tacobell and hot pockets. With a lovely oder that smells like a teenage boys room.

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Matcha Green Tea Powder 3.5 oz USDA Organic
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Japanese tea Gyokuro 玉露 for Summer.
So refreshing !!

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#Cardamomtea is a spice tea which originated from India. Cardamom gives you a unique rich flavor instantly relax your mind. Just one cup of Cardamom #tea can add numerous of #healthbenefits.

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Chinese Kungfu Tea Set For Sale!
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