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#BarbaraWalters #ElliotRodger #SantaBarbara Denial is a mechanism we use consciously or unconsciously to alter reality, usually to pretend it is better than it is. Check out 

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Please copy, paste, share, etc. For anyone that wants to take action to stop corporal punishment in our Marion County, FL Schools, we just added the following Note with contact information onto our Facebook Page- 
Writing Samples And Contact Information To Stop Corporal Punishment (more to be added soon!)
 Writing Sample #1:
Make school decisions based on facts and do what's best for students! Ban corporal punishment!
5 Facts About Corporal Punishment:
1. In America, among other countries, prisoners can't be hit and many were spanked growing up. Why are children the only people allowed to be hit with a paddle now? Why was it banned before, and why is it banned throughout most of the country now?
2. School corporal punishment only has science to show that it is unnecessary at best. Science proves that hitting children reduces academic success, causes aggressive behavior, and can even lower IQ's among many other risks. Where are the facts, if any, to support corporal punishment? 
3. Nationally and locally, statistics prove that corporal punishment discriminates against students. The last year that Marion County allowed corporal punishment, more than 9 out of 10 of the children who were paddled were Black, Hispanic, or ESE children with special learning needs. Why? 
4. School children in the state of Florida can be paddled regardless of parental consent. The laws only protect children if "excessive" abuse is used. Who decides and how do they decide the level of abuse used?
5. Marion County simply can't afford the added liability of potential litigation, as is the case that other school districts that have paddled are finding.
These critical choices must be based on facts. Our schools and our students deserve what's best! Don't go back to corporal punishment, it's not needed in todays' schools. There are new and better ways to discipline and control children that have been proven to work and are working right here in Marion County!
Our teachers and students deserve respect for the improvements that they have worked hard to achieve in school discipline. Don't disregard all of the success and many scientific studies done. Do what's best for students by considering the facts and by banning corporal punishment!   
Call, Email, Write, Voice Your Concern About Corporal Punishment! Your Voice Matters, Stand Up And Speak Out!
Comments can be left on this petition too!-  
1.) Marion County, Superintendent of Schools, George Tomyn:
Phone- 352-671-7702  
2.) Marion County, School Board Member, District 1, Nancy Stacy: (VOTED FOR CORPORAL PUNISHMNET) 
Phone- (352) 812-2723  
3.) Marion County, School Board Member, District 2, Carol Ely: (VOTED FOR CORPORAL PUNISHMENT) 
Phone- (352) 288-0860  
4.) Marion County School Board Vice-Chair, District 3, Bobby James: 
Phone- (352) 427-3781  
5.) Marion County, School Board Member, District 4, Angie Boynton: 
Phone- (352)817-9986  
6.) Marion County School Board Chair, District 5, Ron Crawford: (VOTED FOR CORPORAL PUNISHMENT)
Phone- (352)401-7698  
7.) Administrative Assistant to the Board, Marion County, Brenda Flotkoetter: 
Phone- 352-671-7700  
8.) Dr. Tony Bennett, Commissioner of Education, Florida:  
Office of the Commissioner
Turlington Building, Suite 1514 325 West Gaines Street Tallahassee, Florida 32399 
Phone: 850-245-0505 Fax: 850-245-9667
9.) Dennis Baxley, District 23 in the Florida House of Representatives:
District Office 315 Southeast 25th Avenue Ocala, FL 34471-2689 
Phone: (352) 732-1313  
10.) Florida Governor Rick Scott:
Executive Office of Governor Rick Scott
400 S Monroe StTallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 488-7146

Is corporal punishment the best alternative to out of school suspensions? Is corporal punishment the best way to prevent out of school suspensions? What are your thoughts and ideas?

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Please sign our petition to stop Marion County Florida from going back to spanking.  

Marion County doesn't need to reintroduce paddling, we're already winning against violence in our schools.   Programs like the district's new in-school suspension program, Behavioral Specialists who get to the root causes of problems, and Student Assist Teams that train students in social skills are far better alternatives. In the 2005/6 school year suspensions were at 37%. Now significantly less are being suspended, suspensions declined to a promising 5.5% in the first half of 2009/10, after banning paddling.

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Mothers Who Spank More Likely to Have Aggressive Tots, Study Finds

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Either way you slice it, hitting is abuse. If you hit an adult, it is assault. If you hit a dog, it is animal abuse. And if you hit a child, it is child abuse. Parents who make excuses to hit their children can do so until they are blue in the face. It will not change the fact that they are justifying the abuse of an innocent child.

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