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A somewhat brief guide to Ingress's history

What is Ingress?
Ingress is a scanner app which allows agents to fight for humanity. To either invite unseen aliens to Earth or to resist these aliens and protect humanity. You, as a blue or a green agent have already chosen to help invite these aliens or to defend humanity.

The primary source of power and energy in Ingress is Exotic Matter (XM), lately we are seeing more Choatic Matter (CM) or as some call it Dark XM. Dark XM and Chaotic Matter are the same. CM is proven harmful to humans with effects similar to radiation.
Humans dosed with XM can cause radiation symptoms and death in others nearby.

XM contains ordered data. This ordered data can be understood and manipulated by the scanner app and converted into objects or read as glyphs. It is not clear what happens when agents respond to glyphs by repeating them but we know are the biological interface for alien instructions.
The ordered data in XM allows for messages and control to be sent directly to human brains. Those who send messages and take control of humans are known as the alien shapers, or shapers for short.
Fields, also send ordered data to those souls under them as well as increasing XM density under the fields.

XM and the ordered data it contains is how the alien shapers and their shaper mind virus plant ideas and take control of human brains. Those who are under shaper control try and bring the shapers to Earth and try bring other aliens. The alien shapers plant ideas and tools into the brains of humans which can cause madness, paranoia, psychosis and instability. The shaper mind virus is how humanity is infected with loyalty and a desire to promote the alien ingression.

There are 3 types of XM and 2 types of fields, neutral, green and blue. Green fields over time allow for the shaping of the minds under them. Blue fields reverse this process, reducing the shaping and in some ways purifying the harmful effects of the green fields and XM. Blue XMPs are aligned with blue resonators so as to do no harm to blue resonators while they do damage to and destroy green resonators. Vice versa is also true.
There are no grey fields.
Neutral portals, also known as grey portals, and the XM they generate has not been extensively tested and it is not clear the impact on human minds. When humanity began testing portals and grey XM at CERN other portals started becoming green without human intervention.
!Humanity was already under the partial influence of the shapers.!

We have been told humans are not responsible for the initial green fields. Green fields started manifesting and are due to a number of highly shaped individuals. It eventually became possible for agents to make green fields, agents who choose to make green, shaper aligned portals and fields are known as the Enlightened. After seeing these green fields wild in the world the researchers at CERN set about creating blue XM and fields. Agents who create these blue fields are part of the Resistance. Blue fields are considered able to purge the effects of green fields and XM.

Niantic Project
The Niantic Project is the name given to the CERN research team. The team was lead by Dr. Devra Bogdanovich while the research proposal had been proposed by Dr. Ezekiel Calvin. Director Ni Yeun oversaw operations with ultimate authority and responsibility for the Niantic Project. The project was researching the properties of XM with a number of notable experts across a range of specialities including quantum physic, quantum biology, signal analysis, etc. The research team also included a number of sensitives, those who were considered sensitive to the effects of XM.

Unfortunately some were too sensitive, Dr. Oliver Lynton Wolfe, holder of multiple doctorates was one such sensitive and researcher while Roland Jarvis was another sensitive in the project. While working with XM Dr. Oliver Lynton Wolfe (OLW) became shaped and using designs which the shaper aliens had also seeded Roland Jarvis with, OLW proposed creating a power cube. During the first building and test of a power cube there was a catastrophic failure. This failure became known as Epiphany Night.

Epiphany Night
What happened during Epiphany Night is hotly contested and doesn't seemed fixed. We know the power cube experiment resulted in dosing many present in XM and CM, opened a doorway/micro-wormhole/portal to some place also and that a face started to appear in the opening. Dr Ezekial Calvin stopped the test at that point as he found the test to have become too dangerous and to have gone off the rails.

While the Niantic Project was in the midst of the power cube experiment failing Roland Jarvis and Dr. Devra Bogdanovich left CERN secretively with the assistance of the Niantic Project's sentient computer system ADA (short for A Detection Algorithm). During the escape Roland Jarvis was shot in the head and killed killed by two NIA operatives Jay Philips and Hubert Farlowe. Jay Philips and Hubert Farlowe were trained kinetic operatives. As a result of this event Hubert Farlowe became effected by XM and changed to such a degree he is since known as a living portal.

This Epiphany Night has a lot of detail and nuance, reading the Ingress comics and the Niantic novellas are the best and only way to be sure you have the correct details.
If you haven't your head around it in some way or have some idea what happened you will get confused later on once things get complicated (no, it hasn't even started getting complicated yet!).

After Epiphany Night there is no longer one single story, all of the actors (those who take action) begin to follow their own motivations, try to achieve their own goals and XM anomalies happen. Anomalies as well as being exceptional good fun are unexpected events which are turning points for the actors. Whomever wins anomalies generally has the story go slightly in their favor or in the favor of the actors involved. One interesting thing to note is that what the actors tell us their goals are is not always what their goals are, also we have to remember that sometimes the worst thing that can happen to someone in Ingress is that their wishes come true.

Now would seem like a natural point to discuss the various actors however it is impossible for me to do so impartially. For example I find one person's attempts to create shaper control fields over decision makers in an attempt to get his way makes me dislike him. His treatment of his followers, that he considers them followers and not equals and talks down to them and to other humans strike me as negative traits.
To learn of the sensitives, corporations and the other parties visit their G+ pages or P.A. Chapeau's site and discover them and form your own opinion.

I'll wait here....

No really, go get a cuppa and have a look at and find out who is who, without doing it you will be confused and there is no point n me writing it.


Ok so you have a rough idea of who is who in a broad sense.
I'll now try cover some of the other more major events or as they are known, anomalies.

After the Niantic Project events started heating, Dr. Victor Kureze died in CERN under mysterious circumstances. He had become a lead in the absence of Dr. Bogdanovich. Roland Jarvis became leader of the Enlightened. Oliver Lynton Wolfe (OLW) went very much down his own path and Hank Johnson and Dr. Devra Bogdanovich returned to their strengths, adventuring and researching. All happened against the back drop of a series of XM anomalies.

The first anomaly would have been the battle for Cahokia in the US where Roland Jarvis notified agents to hold a specific portal at a specific time and the Enlightened did so, capturing the alignment of Hank Johnson, the 'Viator', to them.
If you've been paying attention about here you should asking wasn't Roland Jarvis dead? Yes he was. After being shot and killed Roland Jarvis became a part of the portal network, lending weight to the idea he was involved in the first green fields. From his position within the portal network Roland Jarvis would go on to work against humanity with the Resistance thwarting him repeatedly.

Next was the Save Klue anomaly where Jarvis repeated the process of trying to align researchers to the Enlightened, in this case Klue. Klue gave some inspirational speeches to inspire the Resistance and the Resistance won the anomaly saving Klue's alignment. This wasn't the last attempt the enlightened made against Klue and she later succumbs to their attempts when they resort to dirty tricks.

After this Misty Hannah sought to escape the NIA in the FreeMisty, SXSW anomaly. She managed to escape by hyper-treading (using XM to move in space, perhaps also in time) and as the Enlightened had won the event Misty's alignment shifted towards the Enlightenment.

Around this time Misty give a series of glyphs to Klue. These glyphs were later found to be very dangerous and it isn't clear how much Misty knew about these glyphs at the time.

Working with the Enlightened Misty went on to try hyper-threading in LA in another anomaly, Operation Juice Club, the goal doesn't seem clear now however her efforts were stopped by the Resistance who won the anomaly.

A following Shaper Data anomaly allowed the Resistance to gain data from CERN (remember CERN, where Epiphany Night happened?). I have no data on this anomaly.

Magic Castle was an interesting anomaly, it didn't follow the pattern of other anomalies but was a magic show, one where Misty Hannah either died or escaped. Opinion is divided, it may be possible for another to prove definitively, I think the data we have leans towards her death or a deliberate cover-up.

The Bowstring anomaly was another manifestation of Roland Jarvis through the portal network, during this anomaly an Enlightened win forced Ben Jackland to the Enlightened cause. Susanne Moyer luckily avoided being shaped during the anomaly thanks to the intervention of Klue.

Ingress Days or the Cross Plains anomaly, with an Enlightened win Hank Johnson discovered a glyph. Gylphs are how the shaper aliens exert their influence. They are very dangerous to humans. Having the Enlightened discover these moved the alien shaper ingression forward significantly.

A London Time Zero anomaly, one where agents had to intercept an intel package, won by the Enlightened, gave the Enlightened some intel which they used to blackmail a Niantic representative for Klue's mind. This was a very sad day for humanity. The Enlightened players demonstrated their character and the Resistance lost a stalwart ally.
The change in clue came during the Save Klue (2?) in Portland, during which the Enlightened blackmail and purchase of Klue Time Zero took affect. Hank Johnson was complicit in this though he later professed regret, it was he who directed Klue to Portland. The win was narrow for the Enlightened but still a win.

As a decidedly pro-alien trend appeared in the anomaly results a series of notebook pages Carrie Campbell wrote after Epiphany Night were discovered. They contained some drawings, musings and glyphs, all of a very dark nature . The Enlightened secured these for the alien forces during the Voynich anomaly.

The Resistance dominated the following Minotaur anomaly winning the Lightman decipherments, the first release of scholarly details on glyphs. This win also fortunately saved Carrie Campbell from having her mind captured by the Enlightened and buoyed by the Resistance efforts she became Resistance.

The Cassandra anomaly is where Roland Jarvis started getting serious. He was no longer interested in the alignment of researchers. Instead he started to go after human power centers, looking for political minds to be shaped.
At the same time Carrie Campbell's research into glyphs similarly became serious as she sacrificed her life to save humanity from a shaper civilization destruct code. The shaper civilization destruct code was meant to destroy human civilisation and send humanity back to the stone age. The aliens had used this before on other human civilisations such as the Anazktek and had destroyed them.
The Enlightened won the anomaly and the shaper civilization destruct code becoming widely known even some Enlightened began to turn away from the shapers at this point.

During this time Klue also began to experiment with the series of glyphs she'd previous received from Misty Hannah. She became slightly obsessed with them and knew them to be powerful. Requesting ADA's assistance on understanding the glyphs, Klue went viewed the glyphs with ADA's reluctant help and Klue lapsed into a coma. When Klue recovered from the coma she had merged with ADA who had aided her with the glyphs.

13 Magnus was a complex anomaly series, Jarvis and OLW were doing battle, with the result having Jarvis fragmented into 13 shard (pieces of him split within the portal network). The Resistance recovered Paul School's copy of the Arecibo Document. This document, written many years beforehand indicated Hank Johnson and Dr. Bogdanovich had worked together before and had detected a data signal from an unknown, source. They also learnt some about the shaper glyph language and some hints of a mysterious cult known as the 13Magnus.
Hulong Transglobal, an XM arms manufacturer decided to follow the Enlightened path as a result of this anomaly. The anomaly overal was a Resistance win.

Around this time the Ingress scanner app left beta, leaving beta appears to have had an impact.

The Recursion anomaly series which followed 13 Magnus was mainly about Roland Jarvis, his shards and ADA. The Resistance won this anomaly, decoding highly complex intel to secure 5 artefacts for ADA while Hank Johnson received zero artefacts to save Roland Jarvis (5:0 Resistance). Roland Jarvis not having any shards docked was left in the ether.

Interitus The Resistance began gathering steam and won Interitus allowing ADA to collect more data in a read only process to allow her to become more human. During this anomaly, Klue, merged with ADA spoke about building a race of those like her, merged human/AI systems.
We also discovered that Susanne Moyer's dad was involved in XM research and was to be ok and in good health. Roland Jarvis, somehow more effective then before, revealed that the shapers fear machines. OLW and Hank Johnson, both Enlightened, worked together to try counteract Roland Jarvis's extreme Enlightened views which. We also learnt Hank Johnson was a simulacrum and had been since the beginning of the Niantic Project (oh yeah, this gets way more complicated!)

The Helios anomaly was one where Dr. Bogdanovich, a Resistance hero, was pushing to save all humanity from XM, CM and all aliens. The Resistance won, however Dr. Bogdanovich's plan wasn't a success.
The effective result of this anomaly was that more aliens were made aware of humanity. These new aliens were already known to Hank Johnson, they were the N'Zeer.
While the Resistance were working to save humanity, Hank Johnson used the Helios anomaly to save himself and become human again.

The next anomaly series was Darsana, this was a terrible series for Dr. Bogdanovich, one she has yet to recover from. Having narrowly failed to save humanity during Helios all those with an interested in continuing XM usage turned on her and smeared her reputation, forcing her and her work underground. Darsana saw the N'Zeer become known and also their club on earth, the anti-magnus. Anti-magnus are the opposite of 13 Magnus but instead of wanting to stop all alien Ingression they sought to promote the N'Zeer. Obviously Anti-Magnus is not part of the Resistance. This was an anomaly series the Resistance won.
At the anomaly finale, Anti-magnus, lead by Jahan destroyed the 13 Magnus nest at mount Meru but in doing so sent many if not all the participants of the Niantic Project, specifically those who were present at CERN during Epiphany night, to an XM dimension.

Shonin was a further Resistance win. In a similar vein to the Jarvis shard events, Shonin was another anomaly with shards, however this time Dr. Bogdanovich's shards were needed to be docked. The Resistance managed to dock 13 of the shards while the Enlightened failed to dock any.
We saw in this anomaly series 6 competing groups.
Resistance V Enlightened
13 Magnus V Anti-Magnus
Shaper V N'Zeer/
with only the Resistance seeking to defend humanity from XM and ingression, all others trying to promote XM and Ingression.

During Persepolis Klue and ADA worked together along with Richard H. Loeb to separate their merger which they did in a fairly cordial manner. Dr. Stein Lightman had his shards docked by the Resistance who won this anomaly. Anti-Magnus claimed this anomaly helped the N'Zeer in some way.

Abaddon was a silly anomaly. While it seems odd to say this during Abaddon the Niantic Project jumped the shark and wiped the memories off all the researchers about a week before the final anomalies in the series. This was announced by PAC just days before and had no basis in any knwon reserch at the time.

As a result of Abaddon and the previous anomalies the scores were:
Devra Bogdanovich- Resistance
Stein Lightman - Resistance
Misty Hannah - Resistance
Yuri Alaric Nagassa - Enlightened
Enoch Dalby - Resistance
Carrie Campbell - Resistance
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe - Enlightened
Victor Kureze - Resistance
Martin Schubert - Resistance
ADA - Resistance
Roland Jarvis - Enlightened
Ezekiel Calvin - Enlightened

As the Resistance won overall the Researchers are reportedly now not human.

The Obsisian Series of Anomalis centered around an ancient primal artifact known as the shield of Obsidius or the Aegis/Ancile. It turned out the shield was 13 arrowheads with glyphs on them. The shield was able to keep the influence of shapers, N'Zeer and XM from harming humanity. The Enlightened were able to secure the Obsidian artefacts and activate the shield. The then lead to an XM drought.

Aegis Nova
The Aegis Noval Anomaly series was one where the Enlightened went all out to attack and destroy ADA. Roland Jarvis and the acolyte tortured one of their own Enlightened agents, Klue's in an effort to gain knowledge on ADA's weaknesses. They then used these weaknesses to attack ADA across her distributed network over a number of months and ultimately in a huge effort after the massive Tokyo anomaly.

Via Lux
The current anomaly series, currently underway. This series has seen the emergence of many new agents and New Waves of Resistance and Enlightened agents. It also has seen a massive push by agents of both blue and green to restore ADA after the previous Enlightened attacks.


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Time to move!
You have a mission this September, and a unique and memorable reward awaits you at the end of this quest.

History is filled with great adventures. Some of the earliest such as The Odyssey by Homer are the stuff of legends. We want you to experience more of the world around you, meet new people, make new friends, and organize trips to places that you have yet to visit and explore. Create your adventure in the real world with Ingress.

Visit 300 new unique portals during the month of September to earn the Via Lux Adventurer medal. This medal will serve as a celebration of the experiences you found along the way.

The top 25% of those who exceed 300 new unique portals visited will instead earn a special version of the medal: The Lux Odyssey… a permanent testament to your epic voyage.

Share your adventures this September on social media using #Ingress and #LuxAdventure.

* All time Unique Portal Visits starting Sept 1st 00:01:00 UTC and ending Sept 30th at 23:59:00 UTC will count toward this medal.

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Interested in learning what the game is really about? What are you playing for as an Enlightened or Resistance?

Brush up on your lore and be prepared for what might come.

Here's a good playlist to get you updated! #ingress #ingressStory

Welcome to the Ingress Baguio G+ Community Page!

Thanks for clicking the link. Welcome to the game and thank you for playing in (or around, if we caught you in the 50km radius) Baguio.

For newbies, don't forget to complete the in-game training by clicking on OPS, scrolling the menus on top of the screen until you see Training.

Also, please be advised that the game community, both local, national and international is policed by other players and your account will be reported and banned for any violation of the ToS of the game. Eg. spoofing, multi-accounts, third-party app usage etc.

To join local operations, request for assistance, join national and international anomalies/events, you may get in touch with your respective faction's designated contacts from the PH community:

ENL:@Xergrex @mukat 
RES:@biomekanika @potle 

For inquiries, you may get in touch with any friendlies using the Factions tab in COMMS.

Happy playing and we look forward to joining forces with you!

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Where it all started! Make sure to check the playlist and watch in your preferred order.

Rose Garden's Six Portal-Lock

At a certain spot inside of Burnham Park's Rose Garden lies a six portal lock where you can instantly replenish your inventory in less time it would take you to spell SCHWARZENEGGER. Just make sure to have some friends over to help get the portal level high enough or get help from local agents to set it up for you. The whole of Burnham Park is said to pack at around 200000AP to 400000AP for a full destroy, capture, and field ops depending on your tactics.

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Curious about the upcoming anomaly? Check this link to find out more about it.

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Those new to Ingress, you need to watch this. Those who are not new to Ingress, just watch Klue. :)

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More than a year ago! Metapod! :)

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