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Guess who's the newest Trancy member?

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Thank you for accepting me!~ 

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My bigger brothers clothes were stolen! smiles poor big brother... I hope he finds them... 
Ohayo everyone! How is everyone? Happy #sexualsunday Oh my gosh this picture is sexy all right!

Hey guys

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Same old me with a different looks. How do i like guy

Alyssa sit outside really board thing to do 

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Me and brother Ash would like to Role Play...does anyone want to join use
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Name:Mr Alex Raymond
Personality: Loyal, dose everything asked. Well, say not destroy himself.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (yes a full one, and not a family member)
Eyes color: Dark blue/glowing  brightly red, in his true shape, shifting red hues with his mood? Mostly they just shift own there own. Odd that he shifts most often into a wolf shape.
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6’ 6”
Weight: 220
Likes: Cats? They are the only animal he freely feeds and pets.
Dislikes: Rude people? Hard to tell what he likes and dislikes.
Bio: Does not speak of himself. He usually turns the conversation away from himself. What his actual rank is he does not answer. He is obviously powerful, why he serves the family is unknown. Dose seem to keep silent about anything a family member dose. Oddly seems to do good things for family members. Why? It seems unknown nothing has come of it of any real notice.
(pictures of his human form, most common wolf shape and well a slight view of True Self.)
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i'm just sitting out in the rain all upset because i feel like my brother hates me

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