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Hey Ladies!

I've had it come to my attention that a rude comment was left on someone's post.

I hate that I have to reiterate this, but this community is for women helping women. Women lifting up women. Women encouraging women.

I will not tolerate any trolls and if any come to light, it is one strike and you are out. I you need a reminder on our group rules please read here:

You ladies are amazing and keep doing what you are doing!

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Thank you for accepting!
I'm Ash and I own and run the super small company Nerdy Gift Company.
I was wondering if I could get some help on how to start a blog? Been wanting to do it for a while but just have no idea where to start.


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We recently started a new segment called "Nerd Herstory" in which our resident historian tries to bring women who have had a great influence in geek culture into the spotlight. We started with Ada Lovelace, but we'd love to pick your brains for other women who have been overlooked by history. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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Trying to get into the habit of writing and posting more, so yesterday when inspiration hit, I jumped on the opportunity to write a bit! Shared some recent photos of my garden

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
My post today features the coolest Harry Potter subscription box I've found yet! It's full of indie and homemade Harry Potter goodies, curated specifically for adults :) 

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I've given my website a makeover and finished it with a blog post on the app game that I will be obsessed with for a very very long time, especially now I can read what the text says :D
Any other fate fans here?

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I put up another wedding wednesday! This one includes all the art we got commissioned for it. I'd love for you gals to have a look!

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I have serious SDCC FOMO going on at the moment, so writing some posts on past trips!

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Just downloaded an awesome bundle of 25 free commercial fonts from The Hungry JPEG! Grab yours now!!
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