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Hey Ladies!

I've had it come to my attention that a rude comment was left on someone's post.

I hate that I have to reiterate this, but this community is for women helping women. Women lifting up women. Women encouraging women.

I will not tolerate any trolls and if any come to light, it is one strike and you are out. I you need a reminder on our group rules please read here:

You ladies are amazing and keep doing what you are doing!

Hey ladies, I need help with an enigma!

Even though I've been a member of this community for a long time, I'm still pretty G+ illiterate. So bear with me while I probably post this at the wrong place (basically, I can't seem to figure out how to send a message to the moderators).

A while ago a reader of my blog started her own (about horses, gaming and art). She loves the Fandom Friday prompts she saw on my blog and joined in on some. Naturally I told her about this group! She applied a few weeks ago, but never heard anything back. (She goes by cfcallier and her blog is called Moon's Meadow: )

Hopefully someone who knows what went wrong can see this and let me (or her) know. Thank you and keep rocking!


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I've just got my blog up and running again recently and I'm going in anew direction. Changed it to my name and going with a geeky lifestyle blog instead of book specific. Think it'll help me not be penned in :) 

Okay guys, so I am thinking of changing my blog name...Here are a few of my ideas...Let me know what you think?



Hey everyone! Thank you so much for allowing me to join this awesome @$$ group! I'm an aspiring blogger, vet mmo player, anime addict, etc. I look forward to learning so much from you guys and seeing all the cool content that you guys come up with. And please, if you have any suggestions or feedback for this noob or if you would like to collaborate or anything just hit me up!

My blog is

Is anyone doing the A to Z challenge for April?

My Fandom Friday prompt this week may have ended up a tribute to Star Wars, just a tiny bit ;)

Ladies, I need help!

I absolutely LOVE this community, and reading everyone's blogs...But, I can't seem to figure out the direction I want to go with my own blog. How did you guys find your direction for your own blogs? Did it take you a long time?

My personally, I LOVE music, and books, TV shows, coffee and poetry...But I feel like I need to pick just one of those to base my blog off of...Or am I thinking of that wrong? Hhheeelllp!!


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Tag your friends that are fellow fiction writers! <3 #amwriting #witandtravesty
So third novel, eh? How can I be working on a third project when I haven’t published the other two yet? I’m currently tweaking my query letter skills as I solicit for a literary agent for Destiny Seeker, and I have Speechless that has blossomed under…
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