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Hey Ladies!

I've had it come to my attention that a rude comment was left on someone's post.

I hate that I have to reiterate this, but this community is for women helping women. Women lifting up women. Women encouraging women.

I will not tolerate any trolls and if any come to light, it is one strike and you are out. I you need a reminder on our group rules please read here:

You ladies are amazing and keep doing what you are doing!

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So many feels for this weeks #Fandom5 I'm still salty about my faves being cancelled....

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Today on the blog I'm sharing one of my absolute favourite cafes to hang out in in Chiang Mai, Thailand, hope you enjoy it and get to visit one day xoxo

Hi ladies! I'm looking from some interesting blog tags/link ups to join on my blog. Anyone got anything?

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New Blog!! For #MentalHealthAwareness May- Sharing my personal story & how art is essential to my mental health.

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Happy 40th Star Wars!

I wore my favorite lightsaber skirt on May the 4th and I'm sharing my outfit on the blog today!

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Found the perfect mug for any nerdy and flirty girl!

Selling fast!

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