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Welcome in my deck , Mythril Drone!
With vitality 4 lv 5 increase 530 hp every turn

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Thank you +Skatermcgee from Deck Heroes​ :D

Would somebody be kind to tell me the guild name in game?

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Something strange happening on deck heroes for me anyway.
I purchased 1500 gems then logged out.
Logged back in to find I had purchase rewards for death knight and ares ?
Checked my gems and was like "WTF", checked to see if I had accidentally purchased the biggest one but that was only for 8200 gems and that didn't add up.
Checked my lucky draw where you get one go per 800 brought gems.
Only one go indicating one purchase of 1500 gems.
18,000 free gems ?
Put Ares and death knight into a deck and lock them in case they realise mistake.
Log out and log in and then have 19,000 gems and Phoenix card ?

If they try charging me for this other than the £14.99 for 1500 gems I will contact apple but at present I'm just enjoying my luck haha.
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Hi all,
My name in game is jerrytt,I'm new to this game.
31 level now .
I purchased star member.
I like this game, now not apply for the guild currently, because i aware this guild after join guild.
Im try to ask my guild master kick me out so that no more cd....
Here is my deck
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Question? Does this card (event) worse it?

Skater, can I try recruiting ?

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could someone help me with the deck building? those are my cards
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i obtained tidal siren from mines, i was pretty lucky :)


Hey Bossman, how does the guild map work exactly ?

Can you receive awards when there doesn't say there is anything to attack ?

Your daily attempts can only be used once you open a map ?

Just wanna make sure I don't accidentally press someone and f*#|< stuff up.

As the map hasn't been open for a few days I haven't been in there, can you still apply for rewards ?

I gather the more we all play and contribute via energy is how you open a map ?

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