I Miss you guys <3

Today was a good day very productive looking forward for tomorrow

Today was a frustrating day but i got threw it. Although i had my teacher helping me threw what i was struggling with and i worked the rest out by myself. Today wasn't a good day but i got threw it.

Today me and Jonathan made the beat and wrote lyrics for the video we will be making for new media arts ! I like the beat and lyrics whoever doesn't like it could make one themselves or sample one themselves if they think its that easy !

Today i was catching up on some work i missed .Like finishing up my essay on how i got to pulse and writing about the interviews i did , i barley did anything else but that i hope i finish everything before the class ends . I was type proud of myself because i concentrated on these assignment its important i catch up and get this credit

hey guys it was really great today i caught up with some work yes so now im on track i just need to do one more thing i think . im so so proud of myself . see you Wednesday

today i wrote lyrics to a song with my partner Justin. I feel like we did a good job and everybody will enjoy the beat we made and lyrics we decided to go with the song

today we focused more on creating the website, we have a lot of work to do but we will hopefully finish it

Today We Did More Interviews, We Got Some Shocking Results. I Believe We Enjoyed Our Day Only Thing Was The Heat Outside

Today i didnt get the chance to do the interviews because i had a test but i did came and finished my bio and started my voice recording for it.so im proud of myself for that
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