HAHAHAHA! I my Uber driver, "Have a good night. See you then."

contest!! (kinda)

Contest Idea: I'm making a Twist and shout video! Submit fan drawings (you will have plenty of time) to be in the video!

how to enter:
First: comment on this post with the name you would like to be on the credits! Please comment in the next few days so I have an idea.(You may also sign your piece)
Second: draw your artwork! Preferably pick a point Of the story to represent. You may computer draw, pencil draw, paint, crayon, pretty much anything! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT!!
Third: Send the picture to me by posting it directly to me.

DEADLINES ARE OCTOBER 20TH. If you need more time you can just ask.

Questions? Ask below.

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Here's some fluff therapy for everybody

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I'm crying so bad right now. This was a perfect depiction of the story and OMC I am crying so hard. This was beautiful.....

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Twist and Shout edits. Feel free to use with my credit.
Sorry for the feels. (These hurt to make XD I was bawling)
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Thank you for promoting me to Moderator, I really appreciate it although I technically haven't finished reading it yet...

I just kinda joined...

Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to need it afterwards...

The kid I babysit just spilled a gallon of milk and then sat down in the puddle and cried and im standing here like "conceal, dont feel" and im dying inside

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