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[Welcome to Anime 101!]

I'll list off the categories.

The name speaks for itself.

The name speaks for itself.

Videos & AMVs
The name speaks for itself.

Fan Art:
The name speaks for itself.

Manga Chapters:
Links to new manga chapters go here.

Any thoughts you have on any anime-related video game goes here.

The name speaks for itself.

Death Battles:
Any and all death battles go here. Troll Battles/Spite Matches/Intentional Mismatches are not allowed and will immediately be removed from the community Same for poll battles.

Popularity Polls:
Any and all popularity polls go here.

Any and all images of any cosplay goes here.

Any questions concerning the community go here. +Shαяк, +Koυgуoкυ Rєη, myself, or another mod will respond as soon as we can.

Staff Pod:
This section is solely for the use of +Shαяк, +Koυgуoкυ Rєη, and the mods, including myself.


- No explicit Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Fujoshits, or anything similar.

- No spamming.

- No attacking other members of the Community.

- Advertising other Communities is fine.

- No Troll Battles/Spite Matches/Intentional Mismatches.

Failure to follow these rules will result in 3 warnings, a temporary ban, and a permanent ban.

+Shαяк (Julie)
+Koυgуoкυ Rєη (Maryam)

+Serαph (Antony)
+Gray Fullbuster™ (Waleed)
+Oяєкι Hσυтαяσυ (Ahmed)
+Madoкa ღ (Anu)
+Kαgυrα 神楽 (Lily)
+ʟıʟıtʜ vаʟɛntınɛ (Lilith)
+Goυ Mαтѕυoĸa 松岡 江 (Ari)
+Ochako Uraraka (Nikki)

Enjoy your stay and have a nice day.
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Anime: Kantai Collection (KanColle)


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This scene is a good example of why I love Black Cat. Its badass and makes me laugh. Train is so fucking casual about it.

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Bit of a rant here. This is me explaining why I don't like the yuri or yaoi fandom. I have no problem with the actual material. Its the fans.

Honestly people who ship yaoi or yuri for some Its like they don't have friends or something. They go crazy over the littlest of things (btw I don't like it when people do these same thing to a man and a woman either, but Yaoi and yuri fans tend to do it more often. It gets so bad sometimes they project their fantasies onto their friends in real life which is quite creepy. I would not be comfortable if someone kept telling me to be gay or they have fantasies of me fucking another girl or kissing). Friends give each other nicknames all the time.
It kind of bothers me that two people can't be close friends without being classed as gay.
I endearingly call some of my friends fuck face, dumbass, big dope and so on.
I am physically affectionate with my friends. I stroke their hair when they are sad for comfort.
Sometimes we give each other food as well. I guess I am lesbian for my girl friends.

"Oh they nickname each other so they must like each other"

I am ok with ships but yaoi or yuri shippers are very aggressive people. And they over exaggerate and over think things.

People can ship what they want I just want them not to be aggressive people and look for real evidence. Not shit that friends naturally do. If gay couple turns out to be cannon then ok. Good for the yaoi yuri fans. They got their way. Happy for them. Just don't be a dick or creepy about your ship.

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I have a friend who acts just like Killua minus the assassin tendencies. (I have been told I "act a lot like Tohru Honda except I am smarter" <- actual quote from people).
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