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Quick poll for the group:
What is the earliest grade at which you would give students email accounts through your GAFE domain?
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2nd Grade
4th grade
6th grade
Something else...

Here's a question that was emailed to me this morning by one of the group members. I think it is worth opening up to group discussion too. 

Google Apps for Edu administrators can restrict sharing to only those people that are within your domain. If your admin does that, how would you approach him/her about opening up sharing beyond the domain?

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Please take the algebra quiz that I have created.  I know math problems could be intimidating for those who are  not familiar with it.  Relax.  It is only a GAFE assignment.  Thanks for taking the quiz.

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Here is my Google Form that I also plan on using with my fourth graders when we cover website evaluations.Please take this quiz so that I can try out Flubaroo.

Many of the high schools and some middle schools that I have visited in the last year are making digital portfolios a requirement for students. What do you see as the pros and cons of using a Google Drive folder for the purpose of creating a digital portfolio?

When I show Google Forms to teachers for the first time, I usually demonstrate creating a simple quiz because it is the most straight-forward example I can give. That said, in practice it is easy for students to cheat on quizzes given through Google Forms. What do you think are the best use cases for Google Forms in your school? 

Outside of the Google Apps suite, what methods does your school employ to keep parents informed of important dates, events, and good news?

Exciting news for math teachers!
Google Forms now have Add-ons that allow you to insert graphs and equations into your questions. Open the new Add-ons menu while you're creating a form and select gMath to create graphs. 

Does anybody know the course number for this online class?

Here's a thought that I had last night about Google Documents, I would love to hear the group's feedback.

Create one Google Document with your weekly list of assignments for students, share it with them as "comment only," and let them use that as their weekly planners for your class. You could also share it with students' parents. 

Do you think this would be useful to any of your students and or their parents? What are the drawbacks that I'm missing?
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