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Todays Pokémon of the Day is.... Lucario-Mega!, I chose this Pokémon due to the fact that it was the first Pokémon Mega-evolution I saw leaked by Coro-Coro. Please follow me! I need support! Press show more

                      Overview: Lucario has always been a pretty solid Pokémon, since 4th gen when it was introduced, there was hardly any reason why it couldn't become hardcore OU. Lets look at the facts, Ice punch could take care of Salamence and Dragonite, a weaponry of moves at its disposal, and a great typing to top off with ten resistances. However, its 3 weaknesses is a curse due to the fact that Fire, Ground, and Fighting are three very popular types.
                      Set: Lucario@ Lucarionite
                      EV's: 252Atk, 252Spe, 4HP
                      -Swords Dance
                      -Ice Punch
                      -Close Combat
                      -Bullet Punch
I know, I know, what's with the bullet punch? Well I am just trying to take Fairy types into account. (Even though they all suck balls) Seriously, some people are really scared of the new "powerhouse". Just because you have a Dragon type resistance doesn't mean your going to wipe out the competition. Anyways, Close Combat is for STAB and Ice Punch is for Dragons. Gotta watch out for Zygarde!
Did you think you had a good set? Type your set then put #pokemonoftheday  . Follow me!

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Everybody post your picture on this university page to get the avatar for it! I will start off.
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