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It's pretty common for people to say they believe in reincarnation, but if one really believed in it wouldn't one practice more ?

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I was just wondering: Has anyone here ever encountered an Inorganic Being? They are very distinct... Here is a quick 2 minute video, detailing how to identify, and encounter one, possibly to broaden your perception, or help to awaken your sublime side. Enjoy!

A while back I was thrown out of a local spiritualist church. The medium asked me what did I think the circle was about so I said connection or communication between people. She didn't like that. I didn't hold it against her really as she was a good SNU medium and I probably don't care about certain things anyway. A friend said to me she died a year ago and since then I can feel her a bit. She feels way less cranky if I can say that and not sound too awful. It is funny though though as it does bring things back to being about communication with people, whether they are alive or not.

Thought Id try and explain the Energy Perception a little. When someone is at work, watching tv, driving a car or worrying it's unlikely the mind is in such a place to perceive energy or even be present. I think something that confuses the issue is that it's normal to only feel what one feels and the mind really attaches to this. Say a person gets a cold and it's aw this is terrible etc. then you don't feel like you did b4 and sick with a cold at the same time so you only feel what you feel.

I'll surprise people maybe and suggest that energy perception actually relates more to a place than anything else. It connects a person to an an energy they most likely wouldn't find unfamiliar. What also makes it confusing is that this energy is not inherently just a place, it's a direction and also mostly manifests as sentient.

For the way in which it takes place, more recently I'd say there is a platform that is the basis for communication and connection between people. When people pass away, if they are good energy they become impercievable fairly quickly as their energy refines exponentially. As this goes on they become an energy rather than a person.

A few people have clicked on this page. The way to develop this though is to communicate so have a think a bit and start a conversation...

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Our Clairvoyants have the ability to use their extra sense at will. They might use tarot cards, oracle cards or a crystal ball as a focus for this sense to be turned on. This allows them to access information and ‘see‘(clairvoyant) into your past, present and future.

The Reader will give you evidence that she is tuned in with you, the seeker, by telling you something about your past and present. Once this connection is made it is advisable to ask questions so that the reading can focus on the areas of your life that you are seeking guidance for.

There's a few folks joining this now so feel to start a conversation. Communication is the key to this.

Recently someone mailed me having read my Energy Perception - Clairvoyance, Balancing & Communication with Light e-book and I had him phone me up. I'm not really precious or anything, we were on the phone for about half an hour and just before the end of that conversation he managed to do do some very beautiful, very perfect clairvoyance. So if there is a real interest, there's also a real response. Kd.
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