Is looking at something in his hand, in front of one of the pizzerias

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Name: Chilled

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Unknown.

Bio: Unknown.

Crush: None

It was just a normal day. Right? Walking past each and every failed pizzeria. Why don't they quit? So many questions, but no answers. Just keep walking.

Anyone want to rp?
Fnaf based

im bored who wants to role play for a bit?

* flicks tail *

Role-play anyone?

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(This is NOT real just so u know)

Name: Chemelle (female)
Age: 19
Crush: Markus (mangle's son he is 21)
Work: a birthday party planner for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Parents: Toy Chica (mom) and Unknown

Story: I'm a 19 year old that has never seen my dad and my mom never talks about him Markus has been my best friend since I was 2 (I've had a crush on him my whole life) oh and i have a puppy named Belladonna (yellow Labrador)

Anyone want to role play with me??

Role play anyone?

yay ty for letting me join :)
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