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Fights are only on the training grounds, phones, computers and video game systems are allowed, you will have your own roommate, the subjects the teacher give are allowed, and the race is anything you set your mind to.
Added rules: Any vehicle is allowed. Anyone one that has a complaint of some sort, has to immediately tell the head mistress. The head master or head mistress has the right to give detention to a student that was told on, and has the right to report students either to his/her office, or to class. A supension will occur mean that you won't rp for how long the head master or head mistress says you will have.

* Profile Template*

Name: Needed
Age: Optional
Family: Optional
Skills: Optional (Any skill you can think of)
Weapons: Optional.
Race: Optional
Gender/Sexuality: needed.
Picture of your character: Recommended

Since we don't have an Anna in this community we will need some one to be her replacement.

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Name: Sattela Rosinber

Age: 17-18

Family: Deceased (More information about them can be learnt through role-playing)

Skills: Sattela does not in fact need to use a tome to do everything magic related, she can do minor spells without it but they do require a incantation.
More will be added as she learns

Weapons: A Tome Named Yukaidon (falls under the blue tome category in the weapon triangle if that's a thing.) Which grants the user the ability to be invisible for a 30 seconds, it has a cool down of 2 minutes before it can be used again.

Race: Half human half kitsune.

Gender: Female

Character appearance: Pictured below
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((Hey. Is it too late to join this community?))

+Prince of Khan PDB​​ can I continue using my old profile?

Tiki's class- everybody is present today, except a specific individual.

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Watching a video on the tv

From here on out, Dan has no main theme.

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Morgan sits at her desk reading some books in Dorm 1.
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