can anyone help me out with my fursona? im a fox husky hybrid

Hello! Thank you guys for letting me in. My name is Peter Morales Garcia. I'd rather not disclose my name, for security reasons. I am a person who always likes Making Friends, I am very positive, I like being weird and crazy, And I like music. A LOT!

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Yes this fursona is mine, it is not art of somebody's character stolen from somebody
Picture 1: Murder Of Crows
Picture 2: Happy Cat ( Unable to link to profile )
Picture 3: Me
Picture 4: Nova Nightmare Brine

Name: Candy
Gender: Species lacks genitalia
Pronouns: She/her
Age: Species is ageless
Species: Dutch Angel Dragon
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexuality definition: An interest in both female and male sexes

.Bright pink fur
.Dark blue eyes
.Red and white wings
.Small red horns
.Red claws
.Green goggles
.Yellow and brown scarf

Mate: None
Crush: None
Parents: Species is raised without parents
Siblings: Species only forms one child
Friendships: None [ In this community ]
Enemies: None

.Funny [ tries to be ]

.Enjoy's drawing digital artwork
.Likes to write stories in her free time
.Flying for as long as she can
.Eating A LOT of apple related substances ( Applesauce,apple juice,ect. )
.Following rainbows

It wouldn't make sense for a rp with other furs
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What's up you cute, adorable, fluffy things?

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This really works

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A better zombie weapon 🔫 😁

Hello all my brother's and sisters I am a alien wolfdragon pleased to meet you all

Iam ashen j wolf. New here feel free to hangouts message me

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heh hi im bolt
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