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Starting August 3, 2015 Insurance Auto Auction (IAA) starts using new fee schedule. Please pay attention to the new rules and fees since they drastically limit your ability to buy, pay and pick up won lots without being penalized. It mostly will affect overseas buyers who require an extended time-frame to process payments.
Contact us for more details.

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Attention auto wholesalers around the World.
Anrus Automotive is currently accepting requests for packages of salvage cars that will be exported from USA to the customers' ports of destination. We handle the entire process for you.
Minimum size of a single package is 50 units.
Submit all requests by e-mail to with a "Wholesale lot" subject. Feel free to ask all questions regarding the lots and cars.

Best regards, Anrus Automotive team.

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2016 Audi Q7 already in Russia. We in US are left to wait until 2016 alas.
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Avoid making a salvage mistake. Hire a professional broker.

Anrus Automotive, LLC

Dear customers purchasing units from salvage auctions, beware of lots offered by dealers selling what appears to be lightly damaged cars at such auctions with visibly little to no damage on them. It may look like an amazing deal but you will be jumping into a great number of problems hidden underneath a veil put on the car by the selling dealer who purchased it as a wreck and covered most or all of the damages just to make it appear so clean. We are attaching just one example of such a lot with pictures before and after. See them and you will understand that hiring a professional auction broker is a wise decision that can protect you in most cases from investing in such a mistake. We are here to assist and help you in purchasing only the best units at great prices. Feel free to contact us with your requests at any time.
Anrus Automotive, LLC team.
Contact us at:
Tel.: +1(954)274-0080
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