Hello lovlies! How has everyone been lately??

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Name: Chrystal S. Wolfe
Nickname: The Immortal (Given during service in U.S. Army)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species:Gray Wolf
Spot in pack: Lead Hunter
Powers: Increased self healing/ can heal others with energy transfer/ Can survive anything (and I mean EVERYTHING)
Skills: accurate with all weapons, can hit dead center of a target at any distance in any condition, etc
Weapons: A box-like thing that transforms into a self loading rifle, dragunov, desert eagle, all guns in his armory basically, plus unbreakable knives(keeps em' nice and sharp for others)
Bio:He was a normal 17 year old when he was captured by Russian militia and turned into a science experiment. He is now augmented with unbreakable metals grafted to bones with things inside to increase strength, reflexes, and all of his powers almost 10x original amount. He has spent 3 years in the army, earned the medal of honor, and loves helping others, especially with combat.

Any fursuiter want to go to lazer tag I payed for 5 people including me becuse it's my b day and I have 2 slots open

Tell me if you want to go before the 6th

heeya! :P not much seems to happen here...

hey guys..... nice place here, I'm kinda new to the furry world... what goes on around here??

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GM Everyone!!!, Slept Great!, Pack?

I'm here to revive this community! I wount let it did out!

Hello and thanks for adding me. I found this group and decided it might be interesting
Can anyone tell me the rules of the community. Their not in the description

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Yo!, I'm Back, was in a depressing trap for a while, but i got through, so how's my pack?
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