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Listen up new Minions here I am Emperor of this empire so I have a few rules
1. Obey me or else.
2. No drama or fighting with other minions or unless it's in the training grounds.
3. Be repeat full to all. That is all

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Name: Ruby
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Skills: Making shyguys fall in love with her
Bio: Ruby was a Gardevoir before a group of shygals grabbed her and dressed her up as a shygal and brainwashing her to be Browser's minion.

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Walks around bored looking for fun

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"Rocket is Cyber-Hedgehog created by steampunk to help him in battle and to protect his friends, why the sexy female body? It's for distractions."
"I guess it can't be help, you bad guys are all the same becoming bad because your lives are shit but why don't you become good, so you can prevent other from suffering the same fate as you!"
Rocket the Robo Hedgehog
Supposedly Female
Kind, Determins, weird, calm, caring
Flasher Cannon
Rocket can summon a huge cannon which carries onto her shoulder, she is able fire a huge blast of cosmic energy from the cannon to cause massive damage to her opponent.
Flasher Saber
Rocket summon light saber like weapon into her hands, with this tool she is able to fight in close quarter Combat.
Zeta Pulser
Rocket is able to summon a small but handy Zeta gun in her hand which she carries around usually for fights, This weapon can fire small but power shots of cosmic energy.
Tough Armor
Rocket's body is composed of Vibranium which is as tough as captain america's shield
Flash Travel {For Space}
When traveling in space she would need to get somewhere fast as possible, so she can fly up to Mach 45 to travel through space while she can fly up to Mach 24 on earth.
She can form a purple cosmic energy ball in front of her and can make bigger by putting more energy on it, she then launches at her target devastating force!
Lost the Way
Rocket is feminine blue robotic hedgehog made by steampunk to protect everyone he holded dear to him. She is cunning and arrogant but is sometimes childish, she acts like a big sister to steam and loves him very much. The idea of Rocket's design was from metal sonic, a video game character the game series called "Sonic the Hedgehog", he was a fan of metal and couldn't think of a design for her so he did this. The feminine body and Sexy features was for distraction so her opponent can't take her seriously but she isn't so innocent with her weaponry because she's not so forgiving.
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Cosmic bros.
Name:cosmic Mario, cosmic Luigi
Age:none,Mario and luigi's age
Gender:none reffered to as male
Skills: avanced computer knowledge,high IQ,flexible bodys
Bio:bowser's minions one day got a comet and made the cosmic bros. Out of it and had the cosmic bros.fight the Mario bros.

Some how the Princess ended up in Bowsers Empire so she began to sneak around

Walks out of my Castle and out to my garden to water the flowers La~la~la~

Dead community

walks in searching for anyone man this place is deader than ice is cold
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