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A small tip about applying for jobs that could give you the edge over other candidates...
If you're applying for jobs right now, here is a potential banana skin you might slip on ... and how not to slip on it!

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I am a disabled persons and just saying the words is a big
Step for me!

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Hey everyone. Want to learn the finer points of #blogging for #free! Check out the Ultimate resource page. This page has a full video library, my motivational blogging book, and more... 

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El programa the Ticket to work le permiten mantener algunos beneficios en efectivo del SS
millones de discapacitados y ciegos estadounidenses reciben beneficios
mensuales del Seguro Social, Seguridad de Ingreso Suplementario (SSI) pagos, o
ambas. Muchos también tienen ayuda de Medicare o Medicaid en el pago de las
facturas médicas. Muchas...

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Where writing really does win hearts and minds...
A touching and truly inspiring story of a determined young woman who has become a writer in the face of significant challenges...

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The Business World’s Latest Supernova Explosion.  A new business redefinition has taken place in the internet multi-level (MLM) marketing world.  A new type of MLM business that requires no sponsoring and no recruiting.  Get involved and let the business do the work for you.
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Please buy my first book. The life of Alberto volume one. here is my site. and check facebook page
Also ebooks and amazon and barnes and noble.

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