I took my exams yesterday! All three.

Aced them all!

The VECs told me they've rarely seen someone do that. In fact when one asked me which test I was taking after I walked in, and I told him "All three". He did a double-take and had to think about that for a second before saying "Great!" with true excitement. That made me feel a bit less nervous, hah!

Out of the 7 or so guys there taking the exams, all were going for their technician. The VECs kept offering the general to them after they finished, saying it doesn't cost anything except a little extra time. Only 2 guys took them up on it. I kept wondering how did they not know about hamtestonline? It was the first thing that came up when I did a search for training.

Ahh well, it worked for me!! Can't thank y'all enough. Great product/service you provide.

Now, I check the FCC databse every 10 minutes for the next 5 days...

Hi All! What's new? I recently heard from a subscriber who went to the exam, and was told if they decided to take the General after they had passed the Tech, they would have to pay an additional fee! Evidentally they would have paid one fee if they announced they were taking both exams from the start - what what WHAT! 73 de Christina, KT1NA

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