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If you are a new member and you just joined, please let me know in this section and I'll make sure to have you as a member. Just a reminder this is open to anyone, lets hope this becomes one of the biggest communities yet as well. Please do not cause much drama in this community though, one of my sisters already run their own communities and i do for a few others, so please don't make this too difficult on my plate.

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I love my cats, I spoil them too much tho, but eh I get a cuddling reward 
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For those of you who are new to this community, please feel free to add who ever you want, as long as they abide to rules and such. If you wanna help raise 10,000 fists in the air please do so and help out! :) Also, I will hopefully get to know you in time and maybe I'll have you become moderator. Please make sure you stay active, if I'm not available then please contact +Shade Selth the Changeling, or +HandledSole Gaming if I'm not here right now. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of us. If you have more ideas or rules, please put them in the rules section in the comments below. Sorry for spam but I'm just home welcoming people in this community. It's open to anyone, but please let's respect each other and be kind to one another. Also help me reach 1,000 followers by this summer for me to continue my gaming career, if you got xbox and you play online add my gamertag: it's Deathz Proxy currently. But if you are gonna add me on that, please let me know who you are. Tomorrow is cat saturday! :3 Mew! See ya latta's. ^_^

Good morning everyone! How is everyone today? i hope it's going well, if you want to make posts in the community, go ahead! I don't mind, also. . .if you got questions or concerns, please let me know. --Proxy

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Hi~!! I'm new here. These pictures are of my cats. Well, except for Inuoe, but she's feral, so I almost never see her. But anyways, the three cats within both pictures are the ones I see every day. The one on the far left is Rukia/Rookie, the one in the middle is Kurosaki/Fluffie, and the one on the far right is Henimori/Heni. Rukia and Henimori are both female, whereas Fluffie is male. Now, I'd love to talk about their origins, but if I do, that's going to be a LONG post, and I'll end up missing the bus. So...Yeah. I'm new, and thank you for making a PCL Community.
Also, you said to not include scary pictures, so if this counts as scary due to how the eyes turned out in the picture, I'm terribly sorry. I just thought that was kewl, and that's why I still have the pictures. They're also the only pictures I have of my cats now. At least in my gallery. These are the only pictures I have before the bowl location changes and before Rukia started fearing Kurosaki...So, if this is against the rules, my apologies.
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This post is here for people who wanna put cat images here just to enlighten other people's days/nights, or just for giggles and laughs. Even if you wanna do like name posts, for example. . .look at my posts and it'll say wolf names or what ever, it can be something like that too if you like. I don't mind it.

This post/section is for if there's things that are going down hill and that aren't going well, Moderators are only allowed to be in this section only. If you are a member currently, then it is not allowed for you. In time, I will ask questions to get to know you more and you will know me more as well. Don't be afraid to ask questions for me or others in the Discussion section. If you have any questions about this community or others things, please contact me or +Shade Selth the Changeling for info. If one of us is not online for awhile, I will then decide who will take my place for awhile.

This post is only for male profiles only if they wanna be a furry they can be as long as it's a male form and a cat in-between thing. Which is fine, but if there's gonna be innappropitate language, if there's people who are younger in this community, then watch your language. If you have any ideas or rules, please add them to the rules section in the comments below, thank you! --Proxy
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