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OC #:

Year: ((Please correspond age with year))
Wand: ((Length, Wood type, and core))
Blood-Type: (( Pure, Half, Muggle-Born ))
R/O:* (( Romantic Orientation ))
S/O:* (( Sexual Orientation ))
Personality: (( At least 25 words, and no lists of one-word traits ))
Bio: (( At least 50 words, and more than just a list of family members ))
Part Time Job: (( if any ))
Special Abilities/Attributes: ((Animagi, Werewolf, Metamorphmagus, Part Veela, etc. ))
Appearance: ((Picture is fine))
Extra Classes: (( 3rd-5th Years - choose 2+ , 6th-7th Years - choose any or none + can drop core

-Ancient Runes
-Care of Magical Creatures
-Muggle Studies ))

Going to be returning to this tomorrow. You guys better be ready for some wizarding fun.

Disabling the currency until further notice. Community will resume in 2 weeks. When I am fully back.

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OC #: 3

Name: Isabelle Wiseacre
Age: 13
Year: 3rd
House: Gryffindor
Gender: Female
Wand: 9 1/2 inches, unicorn tail hair, Dogwood
Blood-Type: Pure
Personality: Isabelle loves pranks and has developed quite a few of her own magical prank sweets. Because of this, some people wonder if she'll go on to make her own prank shop, but she's quite happy to leave her prank creations at an amateur level. What she does want to do when she's older, is to be a journalist for the Daily Prophet.
Bio: Isabelle's mother died when she was 5 years old, so she doesn't remember her very well. Her mother was an Auror and was killed while fighting a dark wizard. Since Isabelle's mother died, her father had to work at the ministry, and Isabelle's sister, Emmeline, was off at Hogwarts, Isabelle spent most of her childhood living with her Aunt and Uncle. She became quite close to them, almost more than to her own family. She became as close to Emmeline as she could with Emmeline so often at school and she looked forward to the day when she could go to Hogwarts as well. Unfortunately she only got one year at Hogwarts with her sister before her sister graduated and was off and grown up. She still gets to see her sister since her sister now works with her Aunt and Uncle in their shop in Daigon Alley, but it isn't the same. Despite her slight distance from her close family, Isabelle remains happy and carefree most of the time.
Part Time Job: None
Patronus: Squirrel
Special Abilities/Attributes: None
Appearance: brown hair, blue eyes, people tell her that she looks a lot like her sister.
Pet: A great grey owl named Mikhal
Extra Classes: Divination and Muggle Studies
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These first few weeks has been getting characters sorted and a few Diagon Alley RPs. I'll post a group train RP, but you're welcome to make your own.

Welcome feast will be posted within 48 hours which will include a sorting ceremony (may contain some godmodding if members are inactive.) That'll be a group RP

Once we close the Welcome Feasts the year can begin. At the moment, each school year is 1 month. But this first year will be 1.5 months. September 25th-October 1st will be the next break for Diagon Alley and Holiday RP

August 14th/15th: Train RP/Welcome Feast

August 16th - 27th: Regular RP

August 25th: Halloween Feast

August 27th - 30th: Christmas Break

August 30th - September 12th: Regular RP

September 12th - 15th: Easter Break

September 15th - 25th: Regular RP

September 25th - October 1st: Holiday Break

+Kai Hawthorn
+Loch Nessie

( Open )
It was 10:45am. The Hogwarts express was about to leave

(( +Kai Hawthorn+Loch Nessie+Lion of The North​ ))

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OC #: 11
--- "Do you ever say anything that is not meant to either mock or degrade someone else?"

--- "My morals are sound. It is not your place to question what is right and wrong; it simply is."

--- "Everyone, stay behind me. I will keep you safe."

--- "Muggles need to learn to stick to their own business. They cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for us."

--- "It is our duty to see this through. Giving up on this is both selfish and cowardly, and I will not tolerate it."
Name: Damian Andrew Kale
Nickname(s): None
Age: 40
Date of Birth: December 21st

Position: Department of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Head
House in School: Slytherin
Gender: Male
Wand: 12.5", Oak, Dragon Tail Core, Stiff
Blood-Type: Pure-Blood
S/O: Heterosexual
~Noble: Damian has a strong desire to be the best leader that he can be, and this is his strongest trait amongst those who know him well. Even if it puts him at risk, he wants to understand the world from the perspective of the people in it, rather than the perspective just people with power in it, so he can truly be an impartial judge of character in his future profession. He does have flaws, and can be stubborn and hot-headed, but he is constantly trying to overcome his faults and become a better person.

~Black and White Morality: Damian has a very black and white view of the world, thinking of things as either right or wrong with no room for argument otherwise. Killing is wrong no matter what. Self defense or the victim being a bad person is not an excuse he will accept. He believes that anyone who commits an immoral act should be jailed for it, the length of their punishment depending on the severity of their crime. He fully believes in the absolute correctness of the law, and doesn't think too highly of those who question it.

~Driven: Damian is a very driven and ambitious individual who, while most would think he doesn't really have anything to shoot for, being already on the upper levels of society, is constantly seeking more. Most of his ambition is in improving himself and learning more so he can become the best in every field he's involved in. He doesn't want to just be a powerful person and leader in the world because he was born with certain advantages, but because he really is the best for the job.

~Humorless: Damian has basically no sense of humor. He doesn't crack jokes, and he very rarely finds anything amusing. While others with similar demeanors to his have some sarcastic and awkward humor to them, Damian really does not have any. This turns a lot of people off, but Damian isn't really interested in what others think about him, at least in this regard.

~Compassionate: While Damian is not a naturally compassionate person, he can be when he's around people who's actions line up with his morals. People like this are usually the only ones who can pull smiles and tenderness from him, and any long-term romance he may have would be with someone who fit this idea.

~Protective: Because of his noble nature, Damian is very willing to put himself at risk to protect those he sees as weaker than him. He's not the type to value certain lives over others or beat himself up if he can't save everyone, since he's well aware of his limits, but he will take on injuries for others if he must to save their lives. He's less willing to give up his own life for others, since he sees all lives as equal including his own, but he will if it's someone extremely important to him.

~Stubborn: While he does try to think through all of his actions before doing anything and remain as a voice of reason, he can be very stubborn when he's made a decision already and it's since been proven to be a bad idea. He doesn't like being wrong, and it can take him a while to admit that he didn't consider every possibility and they need to take a new course of action. He knows this is a flaw he has, but he still has trouble not giving into it.

~No Neutrality: Damian doesn't believe in being neutral on issues, especially those that are controversial and relevant. He feels that not forming a position is lazy and does nothing but hurts any attempts to make things better for either party.
Damian comes from a long line of pure-blooded wizards that dates back centuries, almost all of whom were very important figures in their times. He was raised mostly by his mother (who was the parent descended from this line) because his father suffered from slight memory loss and was easily distracted a lot of the time. He was close to his grandparents as well, but his grandfather suffered severe memory loss and delusions because of a curse that was cast on him years ago. Once, when his grandfather's condition was very bad, he was seen performing dangerous magic by some muggles which eventually led to their house being set fire by some particularly aggressive teens. This resulted in Damian's grandparent's deaths and the burn marks on his arm because he was visiting them during the attack and he and his grandmother were incapable of performing magic to stop the flames for different reasons. Because of this, Damian maintains a strong dislike for muggles and often gets very angry, blaming them for the fact that the wizarding world has to remain a secret, and thinking of them as very close-minded and against anything that is different. He can get very political, citing many instances of muggles killing each other because of tiny difference in appearance or lifestyle throughout their history.

Originally his extra classes were Ancient Ruins, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies, but he got so frustrated with the teacher's positive view of muggles that he switched to Care of Magical Creatures after his third year. To this day he and Professor Smitley do not like each other very much because of the many disagreements they got into during that year, and he avoids talking about V's brother to avoid commenting on his wife as well.

He spent his holidays while in school with his mother and father and his mother's side of the family, all of whom he got along with very well. His mother was exceptionally proud of him, but she always expected more and would never be satisfied with him stopping trying to better himself. He shared this ideal completely and tried to pass it on to everyone he was close to, which wasn't a very large group at the time.

He graduated Hogwarts with high honors, getting all O's and started working in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts / Muggle Intel department, despite not having the Muggle Studies NEWT requirement because of a thesis he submitted on the subject. He moved up in ranks quickly because of his diligence and dedication to his work, taking over as head of the department when he was only 33.

He met his future wife, Jordan a year and a half after he graduated on a routine visit to St. Mungo's with his father for his medication, and they ended up enjoying their conversation so much that they sought each other out again and continued to do so for a few months before Damian asked Jordan if she'd be interested in dating.

Initially, their relationship had issues, mostly because of Damian's mother's disapproval of him breaking the Pure-Blood line by dating a Half-Blood. She attempted to sabotage their relationship by spreading lies and organizing situations in which Jordan would look guilty of something, but Damian caught on. They got into a huge fight, one of the only ones the two of them had ever had, and Damian cut her out of his life completely. He had been close to her, so he missed her a great deal, but he couldn't kick Jordan out of his life for a reason as irrelevant as blood purity.

Without his mother's interference, Jordan and Damian dated for about 2 years before Damian proposed, the two of them getting married 5 months later in the spring under a canopy of blossoming trees. Their first son, Xavier, was born 4 years after they were married with Wesley being born 4 years later. He loves both of his sons, but has difficulty expressing this properly, ending up arguing with them more often than not.

Recently, Damian's mother has been making stronger efforts to enter Damian's life again in order to meet her grandchildren, but she still has difficulty not judging Damian's wife and children based on their blood purity and Damian has continued to keep their relationship icy in order to protect his wife and children.
[[Andrew Ethan Kale]] – FATHER
~ 63, Retired
~ (( Closed ))
~ Damian isn't very close to his father, seeing him as sort of a burden despite himself. He's polite with him and pretends to enjoy his company for his sake, because he does still care about him, but they aren't super close.

[[Olivia Martha Kale]] – MOTHER
~ 65, Manager of the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic
~ (( Closed ))
~ Damian was very close to his mother when he was a teen, but her attempted sabotage of his relationship with the "practically mud-blood girl" killed their relationship almost completely. Despite himself, he still likes her as a person, aside from her biases, but refuses contact because of her actions. She's still trying to pick up their relationship though, so he still has to deal with her more often than he'd like to*

[[Unnamed]] - GRANDPARENTS
~ Deceased
~ (( Closed ))
~ Damian had a strong relationship with his grandparents before their death, and is still a bit bitter regarding the circumstances surrounding their death.

[[Jordan Marie Takia]] - WIFE
~ 41, Healer at St. Mungo's
~ +Kai Hawthorn
~ Damian belives Jordan to be a saint, and doesn't see himself as worthy of her affections, though he's extremely grateful that they exist regardless. She's the love of his life and the one he trusts most to confide in. He tells her everything he's feeling and trusts her completely.

[[Xavier Monroe Kale]] – ELDEST SON
~ 14, Hogwarts Student
~ +Kai Hawthorn
~ Damian struggles to understand his grumpy and reserved son, mostly because their so similar in their negative characteristics and thus clash against each other. They fight a lot, but Damian really only wants to help him despite not knowing how to go about it.

[[Wesley Damian Kale]] – YOUNGEST SON
~ 10, Child
~ (( Open ))
~ Wes is a bit too excitable for his liking, but he can at least hold an effective conversation with him on a day to day basis. He's hoping he calms down a bit as he matures, but that's not especially likely.

[[Uruchia Takia]] – FATHER-IN-LAW
~ 70, Retired, Freelance Artist
~ (( Open ))
~ Damian has a civil relationship with his Father-in-law, but he doesn't really understand his enjoyment of art, so he finds it difficult to talk about anything meaningful with him.
[[Veronica Lee Reese]] - WORK
~ 37, Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwarts
~ +Kai Hawthorn
~ Damian met V while she was working at the Ministry and became fast friends with her due to their similar personalities and ideals. She's probably the person he spends the most time with outside of his own family, and he'd considered pursuing a romantic relationship with her before he learned of her engagement to Alice.
Patronus: Stallion
Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Least Favorite Class: Muggle Studies
Special Abilities/Attributes: Pareselmouth
~Hair: Dark Brown, almost black, cut a little longer than average, slicked back in a formal style, but usually gets messy in throughout the day which annoys him.
~Eyes: Ice-blue and narrow, calculating
~Race: Caucasian
~Height: 6' 2"
~Weight: 172lbs
~Facial Structure: Sharp and defined eyes, pointed chin, and a narrow nose.
~Build: He’s built quite solidly from daily exercize and a strict diet.
~Marks/Scars: Has a birthmark on the left side of his neck and a burn scar that covers the entirety of his right arm
~Attire: Wears normal plain black robes in the wizarding world and generally tailored suits when in the muggle world, no matter the weather.
Pet: None
~Jordan Marie Takia: Wife of 18 years, love of his life, and confidant
~Veronica Lee Reese: He had a thing for her for a little bit, but this faded quickly when he learned of her engagement to Alice.

~???: Girl he semi-dated in school. They drifted apart and don't really talk anymore.
Broom: None anymore.  Had the fastest broom on the market while he was in school
Quidditch Position: While he was in school he was a Slytherin chaser, but only for his last two years.
Other: He needs glasses for reading, so he can be seen both with and without them depending on where he is. He was also head boy his final year at Hogwarts and raised horses while he was younger.
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OC #: 10
--- “I’m always willing to help a person in need.”
--- “Our job is to keep witches and wizards safe, not to punish muggles for not understanding.”
--- “Maria means the world to me.  I won’t have anyone who isn’t good for her be a part of her life.”
Name: Zane Andrew White
Nickname(s): None
Age: 43
Date of Birth: June 27th
Position: Department of Magical Security Worker
House in School: Ravenclaw
Gender: Male
Wand: 7 inch, mahogany, unicorn hair core
Blood-Type: Half-Blood (His mother was Pure-Blood and his father was Muggle-Born)
S/O: Heterosexual
~Kind: Most people who don’t know Zane very well see him only as a kind person who greeted them once or offered them directions to somewhere in the castle when they were lost in the castle.  This is the air he normally presents to other people, and is his most noticeable positive characteristic.
~Judgmental: His most obvious negative characteristic, on the other hand, is how quick he is to lump people into “Like” and “Can’t Stand” upon first meeting them.  He doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t adhere to his personal set of ideals and values, and will not hesitate to tell that to both those he likes and those he can’t stand.  Generally, he doesn’t like people who don’t act their age, disrespect authority, are too loose in their moral compasses, and those who tease others for their own amusement.  His complete list is far more extensive than this though.
~Helpful: Zane enjoys helping other people, especially with things like studying, which he excels at, as well as various housekeeping tasks like cooking and organizing a daily schedule, which he’s also good at.  He’s willing to help anyone who asks him, provided he doesn’t hate them, and will take much of his time from his day in order to do whatever the other person needs.
~Over-Protective: Zane is extremely over-protective of the people he cares deeply about, especially his sister, Maria.  He has to approve of everyone she has a strong relationship with, and while he won’t make any effort to sabotage her relationships if she disagrees with him, he will voice his disapproval, given the opportunity.  He gave Maria’s husband a stern talking to after he proposed to her without consulting him, and it’s made his relationship with his brother in law rather awkward since.
~Intelligent: A large part of Zane’s personality is his intelligence and his way of communicating this intelligence to those around him.  He has a habit of explaining things unnecessarily and dropping random facts into conversations without warning.  It’s probably one of his more endearing qualities for those that like that kind of thing and one of the more frustrating for those that don’t.
~Envious: Zane tends to decide that he deserves something before actually getting it, then getting frustrated when he’s “passed over” for something he rightfully deserves like a promotion or relationship.  He’s on bad terms with his most recent of his ex-girlfriends, his longest relationship to date at 6 months, because she left him for someone he found inferior both morally and personality-wise, and neither speak anymore despite being very close during their time together.
~Calm: It’s very difficult to make Zane mad, his strongest emotions being annoyed and irritated most of the time.  Most people don’t think they’ve ever seen him shout or cry or burst out laughing, as he doesn’t feel strong emotions all that often.  He approaches things from his own frame of reference calmly and with a lot of thought, and this helps him keep some of his worse personality traits from strongly affecting his life in a negative way.
~Paranoid: Once Zane gets an idea in his head, it’s difficult for him to let it go.  He makes judgements based on sparse details that don’t always fit together completely, and unless something definitive proves him wrong, he sticks with his own idea of the situation.  This has gotten him into trouble more than once, but most people don’t see him as a paranoid person unless they have first-hand experience with this behavior.
Zane was raised in a wizarding household with a pure-blood mother and a muggle-born father, and was very happy with his upbringing overall.  His parents were as good of parents as anyone could be, in his opinion.  Flawed, sure, but no more than any human being is, and usually willing to admit when they messed up.  He was an only child until he was 7 years old when his sister Maria was born and he immediately placed himself as her guardian after the knights in old stories his parents told him.  They got along very well and still have a decently strong relationship to this day.
Zane started Hogwarts a few months after he turned 11, and was sorted into Ravenclaw, like his mother (his father was a Slytherin), making friends quickly and joining the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as their keeper during his third year.  He never had any romantic encounters during his school time, as he never really sought it out and shut down any advances thrown his way because he wanted to focus on school.  This paid off as he passed all of his OWLS and NEWTS with O’s and E’s without much difficulty, taking up a career in Magical Security just after graduating.
His life’s been very systematic since graduation, since he lives alone and only ever really goes to work, comes home, reads, and goes to bed, but he had a few things that threw him off like his sister’s relationship with Nathan, and eccentric Auror who was frustratingly uncooperative, which he strongly disapproved of, and her later marriage to Anthony Addams which he accepted after a serious conversation with him.  His own romantic endeavors have been much less successful, only lasting a month at most due to lack of compatibility an interest.  After spending time with Maria’s kids, however, he started wanting kids himself and has started putting more effort into looking for a girlfriend and eventual wife.
[[Hayden Thomas White]] – FATHER
~ 68, Retired
~ (( Open ))
~ Zane gets along very well with his Father, taking after him in a lot of ways.  They like debating politics with each other, and Zane goes to him often for advice when he has to make difficult choices at his job. 
[[Camilla Rose White]] – MOTHER
~ 67, Retired
~ (( Open ))
~ Zane likes his mother as well, though he was never as close to her as he was with his father.  She was very busy throughout a lot of his childhood and still has difficulty describing her personality to others when they ask.
[[Maria Ann Addams]] – SISTER
~ 36, Secretary at the Ministry of Magic
~ (( Closed ))
~ Zane loves his sister a great deal and was always looking after her when they were kids.  The 7-year age difference between them made Zane more of a mentor to Maria, but they both liked the relationship regardless.  He continues to look out for her to this day, sometimes too much for her liking since her greatly disapproves of some of her friend choices.
[[Anthony Antonio Addams]] – BROTHER-IN-LAW
~ (( Unknown ))
~ (( Closed to +Jane Ashling ))
~ Zane respects Anthony, though he doesn’t know him very well.  He keeps an uncomfortably close eye on him, so Anthony isn’t really a big fan of him in general.
[[Aster April Addams]] – NIECE
~ 11, Hogwarts Student
~ +Kai Hawthorn
~ Zane is extremely biased against Aster, having a suspicion around the fact that she acts far more like her godfather than her actual father.  She’s also far too energetic for his tastes, and she generally frustrates him more than anything.
[[Ava Larkin Addams]] – NIECE
~ 7, Child
~ (( Open ))
~ Zane gets along far better with his younger niece with her more calm and reserved nature.  He spends most of his time with her or Maria during his visits and has difficulty not playing favorites with gifts and trips for them.
(( None Named ))
Patronus: Timber Wolf
Favorite Class: History of Magic
Least Favorite Class: Astronomy
Special Abilities/Attributes: None
~Hair: Brown, longer than average, well maintained, and straight
~Eyes: Dark Brown
~Race: Caucasian
~Height: 6’ 0”
~Weight: 156 lbs
~Facial Structure: Sharp and defined eyes with softer lips and nose
~Build: He’s built quite averagely with a square body shape and some muscles remaining from his days in quidditch.
~Marks/Scars: None of note
~Attire: Wears normal plain black robes in the wizarding world and jeans and golf shirts when in the muggle world.
Pet: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None, though he has had quite a few in the past.
Broom: None anymore.  Had a Cleansweep 2 when he was in school.
Quidditch Position: While he was in school he was the Ravenclaw keeper, being replaced by Arcturus (( +Arcturus Dean Darkbloom )) when he graduated.
Other: None
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( closed +Kai Hawthorn​ )

Artie knocked on Jordan's door. Since he returned from Wales, he made a habit of seeing Xavier and Wesley before they returned to Hogwarts for another year

( closed +Kai Hawthorn​ )

Jessie and Aster were wondering about on the 7th floor corridor.

(( cue finding of the room of requirement ))
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