CEPH Research

Milestone Log

After several months of studying the recovered technology of the CEPH race, I have identified several unique aspects that once isolated will prove useful to researches currently underway by other project heads.

They had managed to use an extra-dimensional material as their primary source of construction. Further work is needed to unlock how they acquired so much, so easily, but in the meantime, I shall forward this information to try project head.

Their armour was also designed out of this, wraithcrystal. Still unsure how, again, I will forward to the relevant heads. With this, we may be able to create an environmentally sealing light armour, that we may be able to disguise as normal clothing...

+Starlight Adeveonde

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WEAPON: AIRF "Sect Pattern"

POWER SOURCE: Spark Crystal

Weapon Stats

Damage: 7 (anti-personnel)
Range: 6
Accuracy: 5
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Ammo pack: 15 lbs when loaded
Recoil Recovery: average


INFO: Developed by Virtuous Star as a replacement for the older grenade launcher system formally employed by heavy ordinance troopers. A lighter alternative to the missile launcher and a sturdier build than the LAAR launcher. Uses 30mm anti-personnel grenades with a belt feed. The feed tube is armoured and can hold about ten rounds. The pack can hold another 32. It mounts on the back.

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WEAPON: AIRF "Virtuous Pattern"

POWER SOURCE: Spark Crystal

Weapon Stats

Damage: 7 (anti-personnel)
Range: 6
Accuracy: 6
Weight: 6 lbs
Recoil Recovery: average


INFO: Developed by Virtuous Star as a replacement for the older grenade launcher system formally employed by heavy ordinance troopers. Utilizes an attachable cylinder magazine that contains an internal spark crystal. It lights the 30mm anti-personnel grenade on a trigger pull. The magazine fires six rounds, and pops out to be replaced on a seventh trigger pull. Average reload speed is five seconds. Often carried as a specialty weapon on missions.

Virtuous Star

Gender Preference: Male
Race: Changeling Honour Guard / Behemoth
Age: 42 cycles
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 454 lbs

Branch: E-TECH
Commanding Officer: Head of CEPH research
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Positions: Member of the CEPH research team

-Natural Hardened Carapace: can deflect direct hits from small arms fire with only a sting. Large caliber rounds have a chance to deflect if hitting at too high an angle.
-Naval Class A
-Buckshot Pistol w/ bayonet: high powered buckshot pistol with a blade attachment.
-USP 45. cal: Standard pistol for naval crew
-K-Bar Knife: Replaced his guan dao due to protocol.
-Utility Mechadendrite: tools can be weapons in dire emergency.
-Chitin Guan Dao: hand crafted dao sword with polearm attachment. Created from changeling chitin, it makes an very durable weapon. Crafted from his own compound, the hardness is higher than most and therefore holds an edge better.

-Bionic eye: left eye, synced to his right to not apprehend depth. Equipped with targeting modifications and a HUD.
-Cybernetic legs: Functions almost like a perpetual motion machine, once moving requires little to keep it running. Other smaller cybernetics and implants adapt his latent electric charge in his body to help keep them powered. The act like hydraulic clockwork.
-Grasper Modules: all four hooves contain manipulative fingers the when the hoof playing peels back can create a hand. The rest just creat talons.
-Utility Mechadendrite: A manipulative appendage that contains at the end a; Soddering gun, welding torch, and a precision laser.
-Technican's Mechadendrite: A manipulative appendage that contains at the end a collection of precision electronics tools designed for miniscule work.
-Mind Impulse Unit: MIU, allows for direct technological interface.
-Respiratory Toxin Filter Implant: inserted in in the nose and mouth inside the body, it can filter airborne and liquid toxins before they cause too much damage. Giving him increased exposure capabilities.

Aspires to become all machine.

He served the CUC under his Queen’s hive as Honor Guard. The Queen did not approve of the CUC, but gave them support to avoid destruction providing only with construction resources for buildings.
After sometime, the Queen tasked with infiltrating an EDF vehicle supplier and learning how the vehicles were built. This was not a CUC operation as stated by Virtuous Star in an off the record talk with his CO. The foundry was in an isolated location near the badlands, resting on a rich mineral deposit. Minerals that they used to construct their vehicles.

After a year into his cover, he returns to report to his Queen. During an EDF raid, his Queen joined the assault. Thus action caused the annihilation of the hive by a retaliating strike.

This was where he compromised his cover. EDF came to investigate the hive and found Virtuous among the wreckage. The records of the incident no longer exist, if they ever did. He traded CUC information for a place in the foundry, and citizenship to Equestria. He spent the next four years here.
It was during this time he was inducted into a Sect. They worshiped the Machine Spirit. An entity every machine possesses that protects the operator if the machine is cared properly. This is where he begins his dream of becoming all machine, shedding his mortal skin.

The story goes that nearly a decade ago, a tank operation crew were sent into the battle. All present knew it was a suicide run, and very few came back. The tank was hit with everything possible, but it somehow returned, the entire crew alive. The crew, amazed as they were, couldn’t bear to part with their savior. They fixed it up, replaced broken parts with new ones. Upgraded everything they could. The next battle, the tank once more was devastatedly damaged, but still ran when the battle was over. It was decided some entity protected them, something in the machine. They began treating all machines with such care and precision. The group became a small cult, and soon a Sect stretching across Equestria. To this date, only a few cells of about five to seven zealots a cell exist, but they stretch across the nation.

Do not mistake this for 40,000. There are distinct differences, such as the lack of the term, Tech Priest, and no presence of the Omnissiah. They also believe in the advancement of technology and the assimilation of alien technology to better their own.

He was then placed under Rear Admiral Diamond Warrior where he has since served three tours into the void. His experience consists mostly of Ceph forces.

Has recently taken a turn for a more moral, hearted side by acquiring a mare friend during his fourth tour.

With initiation of the Gryphos Campaign, his career has earned him a promotion to First Sergeant. He still follows Diamond, but is now lead engineering. Tending to the machine spirits of his duties to the best he is capable.

Months into the war, Virtuous is granted his first position of command, being given the class D support ship, Stargazer to operate. It is still within Supreme Commander Diamond Warrior's fleet. In addition, his marefriend are now set to bear his children.

Almost a year later, he lives comfortably in Ponyville, with his wife, Mariah Claw, and their ten children. Changelings produce many. He has also acquired what is almost an adopted child, Peppermint Breeze. As a 2nd Lieutenant, he commands a series of forces that is now at his disposal. His ship, the Stargazer, it's crew. The company he bears on board it, and the fighter pilots that it houses. He also commands an armour division squadron, often entering the battle alongside his fellow engineers and operators.

Spirit of the Star

All data is gathered and documented by the CO after their discussions in a private log for reference. Access is restricted (for IC use) unless Virtuous Star releases the documents.

EDF - https://plus.google.com/105319255955408407601/posts/T1ogTTPo6KV

UESF - https://plus.google.com/105319255955408407601/posts/eZv4VMbUZ3b

Town - https://plus.google.com/105319255955408407601/posts/5MM6RFA14Li

EXP - 0750/3000

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WEAPON: Equestrian SMG "Sect Pattern"

POWER SOURCE: Blowback operation

Weapon Stats

Damage: 5
Range: 4
Accuracy: 4
Weight: 7
Recoil Recovery: 4

MANUFACTURER: E-Tech / Machine Sect

INFO:  Designed and prototyped by Virtuous Star and the Machine Sect. Lightweight and constructed with durable plastics and running off of a blowback operation with a bullpup build. The Equestrian SMG fires 9mm pistol rounds at high speeds and low damage. Deadly in close quarters and enclosed spaces. The barrel comes in three sizes, the smallest officially produced barrel being 8 inches in length. The other two are 16 inches, and 20 inches.

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WEAPON: Narthecium "E-Tech Pattern"


Weapon Stats

Damage: Varies
Range: Touch
Weight: 3 lbs


INFO: Originally a personal design by Dr. Ember Rune, E-Tech requested the designs for mass production. They altered it slightly to make it more user friendly. It functions pretty simply. Special vials filled with medicines and toxins are slotted into the top right indention. They vials are coded to activate only the proper needle and tube to avoid contamination. They are used to inject fluids into enemies or friendlies. While this cannot bandage and sew, it can sedate, numb, apply D-Stat, and even provide an adrenaline shot. What ever is needed to get the patient up and fight, or calm enough to treat. Toxins, though highly frowned upon in the medical industry do represent an important role to the combat medics now. A well placed hit from a medic in close combat with a toxin can sedate, paralyze, or simply weaken an attacker. The bonesaw piece is a pharmaceutical chainsaw, designed to cut through armour and bone alike to do what needs to be done. It can also be used as a weapon. It automatically sterilizes the blade from inside the cover, keeping it clean, though that system must be maintained regularly to avoid failure. Current plans are in place to integrate the ECHO device into the Narthecium.

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Status: Approved

Project: Overkill

Name: Helios 40 cal. plasma shots (H40-ps)

Materials: 343 plasma core, Aluminum based alloy

Overview: The H40-ps is a bullet that uses the power of plasma and other forms of energy to travel at railgun speed, and explode with extreme heat on contact.

Information: This bullet allows almost any 40 cal. weapon to fire long range, and severely damage enemy armor, infantry, and vehicles. The core is located inside the bullet, assisting with thrust (Through effects of extreme heat on air) and the melting "Anti Armor" function.


Whos alive?

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WEAPON: Equestrian Carbine "Virtuous Pattern"

POWER SOURCE: Armour mounted powerpack

Weapon Stats

Damage: 6
Range: 6
Accuracy: 5
Weight: 2 kg
Recoil Recovery: 8

MANUFACTURER: E-Tech/Sect of the Machine Spirit

INFO: With the desire to shift rifle focuses around, a new elite rifle was needed. Developed by Virtuous Star, Second Lieutenant. Firing 6.8mm x 43mm cartridges through gas operation, it has more lethality then the M4 and SCAR, but not the weight and bulk. The range remains roughly the same, albeit a little longer, but not exceeding the range markers making it a viable medium range combat tool. Accuracy is on average high, varying on attachments and personal marksmanship. Utitlizing new plastics that are durable and light, and coated in an anti-shine/anti-UV paint, it stands up to the weather quite well. It utilizes a suspended barrel that compensates recoil when fired. When used with the proper stock can lower recoil even further. The overall design is intended for Equines in particular, allowing for easy purchase with the hooves. Di-Pole mag locks increase their grip when in combat armour.

Arcane Warp Jump Drive Adjustments

Arcane warp jumps, "AWJ", is a near instantaneous movement through space and time to another point. Powered by an AWJ drive, this jump takes enormous power levels and attempts to make these jumps with precision has been met with very dangerous results. With the assistance of of the Machine Sect, we have managed to optimize power flow throughout the drive and ships as a whole. The vessels power cores will be fitted with specialized capacitors that take up the empty space normally unused because of the dimensions of the containment rooms. With advanced computing systems running in a dual synchronization of an AI, precision jumps will now be accessible without endangering the crew. The capabilities will allow ships to safely commit to an AWJ through enemy ships to the other side and enable instant flanking tactics. It will also allow our spaceborne vessels to preform inter-system jumps, formerly impossible due to gravitational fields and latent magic within the expanse.

- 2nd Lieutenant Virtuous Star, Machine Sect
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