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FFVII Crisis Core Soundtrack: The Price of Freedom:

You start sadly, almost regretfully, but you throw yourself into it soon enough. Soon enough, Lanth, it consumes you, consumes you... Nothing stands in your way anymore, and this's all you have, all you've got. It burns in your heart, but what is it, this thing you hold so dear? Is this transparent thing really so valuable to you?
Because when it dies down, it crushes you with it. You have been destined and structured and ordered for and by and with this, so when the last piece of meaning fades away, you're left almost broken, until you take it up again. You're not wary, despite the fact that it's destroyed you before. You just try again, again, again. You throw yourself back into it, and it consumes you, and just like before you're driven by it, only by it, sacrificing everything else for it. It becomes part of you and even changes the color of your soul, until it's really done, really gone, and so are you.

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((He's been deserving a profile post for a while now, but I haven't had time, but here you go))

"About time peasant."

Name: Mazael Sanguine

Age: Over 1 million years old ((Though he appears to be in his early twenties.))

Gender: Male

Race: Ancient pure blooded vampire

Blood type preference: O negative

Height: 6'6

Weight: 132 lbs

Skin tone: Pale...really pale

Eye color: Red

Hair: Black

Body type: slightly skinny

Clothing: something classy, from a fedora with a suit to just some simple high style casuals, he wears what he likes...and he likes class.

Items of note: Multiple rings, each with runic symbols, an old rifle that was enchanted long ago by an old friend.

Personality: Sadistic, cunning, intelligent, strategic genius, always calm.

Quote: "Ooooh~ You look fun, let's make you beg for mercy."


Blood manipulation, able to make it literally explode out of an enemy, though they must be weakened and it only works on one target at a time, though for a moment the blood solidifies and the spikes impale surrounding people.

Incredible speed and strength.

Hypnotism. ((only works on weaker willed individuals though, such as NPCs not actual players))

Regeneration. ((He's a vampire, a bullet ain't gonna kill him))

Ghoul creation: this power's potency and effectiveness depends entirely on the age and purity of the vampire's blood the older and more pure the more powerful and coherent the ghoul is, a vampire of mazael's age and purity could make a ghoul that would overwhelm  most lesser vampires. 

Bio: Mazael Sanguine, one of the oldest vampires in existence known to have little mercy and have a love for sophistication, he cares not if you're human, vampire, demon or angel, if you amuse him he most likely wont kill you, he owns a manor in rural England which has many many secrets of his own, Now however he runs a clan of those with malevolent intent, he was banished by his father from his clan a few centuries ago only to return and slaughter them all and restart the clan anew.

“Hmmm, who’s next on the list~?” A tongue licked over blood covered lips, cleaning them quickly as the lips then contorted into a smirk. “Oooh I like that one.” The voice said before making a few marks in the circle and stepping away into his special box to watch the goings on, his crimson eyes the same color as the blood he loved oh so much, he snapped his fingers and the circle came to life summoning the person he decided was interesting. “Welcome to my playground pet, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay, I promise not to be too rough.” He said smirking once more, fangs gleaming ivory against his porcelain skin. He snapped his fingers once more, large hordes of beasts stepping through gates all around the circle that the person was in, roaring, trumpeting, growling and shouting, thumping, clawing and gnashing their teeth, all a symphony of savagery. 

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((What do you mean I shouldn't be too lazy to make a new character for this place?))
Name: Truth Leiss
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: Which one?
The only thing true about Truth, really, is that he always lies. To say “always” is hardly an exaggeration- it’s impossibly difficult for him to speak an earnest word, maybe because he has forgotten how to do so. His lies aren’t just in his words; all the personalities that others have witnessed are false as well. He constantly changes them around to fit the environment or occasion, so there are more facades than even Truth himself. Each and every ‘personality’ is quite convincing, regardless of whether he’s faking sweetness or sadism. If you’re wondering about his actual self, you’ll be disappointed- even he doesn’t know. Maybe he lost it under all those masks, or he created those lies to cover up his emptiness because he lacked a core self in the first place. Truth’s motives are far from clear as well. One minute he’ll claim that he’s doing something to save a friend, and the next he’ll say that he stabbed that person lying in a puddle of blood because Morgan Freeman told him to. (Kidding, his bluffs  are actually believable. But you get the gist of it.) Lying is something he’s simply too skilled at, and Truth survives on lies. He knows when to use what fake arguments to appeal to whom, such as logic for an analytical individual or sentiment to a more emotion-driven one.
Not many traits of his remain constant. However, his motives are usually beneficial to himself, but that’s not to say that he’s completely selfish. Truth despises other liars- don’t even get me started on his hypocrisy- and is attracted to honest people. He constantly lies to even himself, a person whom he despises, mostly because the guy wishes to deny some aspects of himself that he fears or simply hates. He isn’t limited to white lies, so he may say that his favorite animals are blue fish when his favorite animals are actually green fish, and don’t immediately assume that he always speaks the opposite of the truth. If he says that he hates you, going up to him for a hug might not be the best idea after all. Sadomasochistic. Although not necessarily a misanthropist, Truth does not trust anyone, not even an iota; after all, liars can’t help but suspect other people around them to be lying as well. Ironically, Truth also hates lies, including his own.
The easiest way to pinpoint the truth? Watch what he doesn’t say instead of what he does. Although this doesn’t always work- Truth does know when it’s better to tell the actual truth and will do so in that case- it can come in handy for certain cases. Shh, don’t tell him I let you in on that little trick.
In any case, his falsehoods cover the entire spectrum, so one might say that he’s a blob of clay that molds himself. Clay with a mind of its own. Confusing clay.

History: Some have heard that he was abused and neglected as a child. Others have been deceived into believing that the boy was so rich that he had a butler tending to his every need. Still others were kept thinking that the kid once escaped from a certain orphanage-that-wasn’t-quite-an-orphanage.
Funny thing is, the latter may just be the one that’s closest to the truth.
He used to hold honestly in the highest regard and rarely told lies. That didn’t last long, of course.
Pulling that cliche-ish nonexistent parents card, Truth was handed over to an ‘orphanage’ around late childhood/almost-preteen-hood for reasons I won’t go into depth here. Pity it turned out that it was something slightly more experimental than a place to house kids without legal guardians. As a result, he devised a semi-successful plan of escape; being admitted into the place earlier than most of the other kids had given him the advantage of having an idea of what the outside world was like. Said plan, although rather selfish, did involve a wish to save another person from that orphanage; there was once someone who could see through his every lie during the rare times when he did resort to deceit back then, but she’s no longer around. That person’s aforementioned demise was indirectly an effect of Truth telling the truth, like he had always done at that time. Although he would never admit it, he still blames himself and is extremely regretful, one reason why he childishly swore to never tell it again as though that could fix anything after shifting the guilt onto the act of verbalizing the truth. It’s not like he also started lying more after that day to pretend that he doesn't care or that it wasn't his fault or anything, obviously. 
He got himself the alias “Truth Leiss” after that day; “Truth” was her nickname for him, as he had almost always told it back then, but there wasn't a single time that she didn’t know when he was not. As for the false surname? Well, he made that up himself.

((I just really wanted a liar named Truth.))


Imma do an introduction. Ready?


Male or female. Tall, short, thin, muscled, bulky, lean. Red head, green eyes, black skin, olive toned. I am a little bit of everything.

I role play and write a lot. My character creation and development is probably better than my plot creation. I like to think that I know what I'm doing.

I go by a lot of characters, which I will probably post most of them, and I'm open for anything. ^_^

I'm excited to be here with y'all. :D

So... a place to let them meet people, or just a place to talk about them.... Wonder which it is.

The travant twins can do weird things that seem perfectly normal to them. It shows in the way that Avri assigns certain types of items to certain pockets, the way that Kri wears a chain bracelet on her left wrist and never on her right, the way that Avri keeps her music boxes and a penlight in specific compartments of her lunchbox. It shows in the way Kri still keeps plush animals on her bookshelf, each guarding something (usually a book or some random-seeming object, like one bear has a little star charm Avri made for her when they were very young). It shows in the way Avri keeps things in orders that make sense to no one but her and Zephriel. It shows when sometimes they just switch off, and Kri will be musical and organized-ish-in-the-chaotic-almost-lazy-way Avri is, speaking in colors and flashing with intensity, while Avri will be sort-of-ish poetic in a way that hints at things and thoughts. It shows when they talk to each other through Midel and Zeph, when they move their hands certain ways while talking to add a layer of meaning.
The most others get of this connection is when one bonds with another person. Like when Kri pulls Kyr out of his shell, or when Avri shows someone her vulnerable side, or when one of them glances at a soullink and starts laughing with them at some inside joke that no one can ever explain.

Hello peasants~ Your lord and master Mazael speaking, just to let you know how much your subservience means to me. Leans back in a comfy chair and sips a chalice of blood mixed wine I'm sure you'll all learn to love being slaves to glorious glorious me one day.

Hmmm...I think I might let quite a few of those analogues out~
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