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This is a little important.
The activity that once used to be here have currently been trasfered to-

The online is just for "online" as it is here on G+ and is online. Meaning active
So. We do hope you will come to this area!

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Anyone wanna get some RPs running here?

It was mid day at Lake Hylia. I sat in the grass, staring off into the distance, contemplating life. I was drawn to the lake despite being extremely fearful of it. I seemed almost drawn to it, despite not being able to swim. I had the usual sorrowful face I regularly had. I sigh. "Why am I here..." I always heard, no matter where I was, or how far I was, I could hear a tune coming form the lost woods.

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New here, and how many times to I have to use a template to show the same oc I've had for over a year now 

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Name: ???
Title/nickname: Mask
Age: ???
Race: ???
Gender: male
Personality: always a mystery
Birthplace: ???
Date Of Birth: ???
Likes: Darkness,The full moon
Dislikes: Light,The sun
Skills: Reaction to the mask, magic
Equipment: mask
Misc: ???
Bio: He was raised in an unknown place, He fought and
learned how to use magic, So he found the mask once he did
he put them on giving him special powers, and a little something else
now he is traveling unknown... EVERYWHERE...

Walking in Hyrule's field
(Open RP)

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//Hope this works.

"You know, i'm having fun fighting you, but i think it's time to die."
"Mercy is for the weak, the only thing that allows you to survive, it's kill."

Name: Jake Walker
Nickname: Flaming Hell
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Personality: Serious, Calm, Cold
Birthplace: Hyrule Town
Likes: Quiet Places, Fighting, Reading
Dislikes: Noisy Places, Mercy (Especially on him)
Skills: He basically can create fire 
Weapons: He can create fire weapons
Equipment: I guess nothing
Bio: Jake was born in Hyrule Town. He had a normal family and all went well until his father died fighting a war, and her mother died because of a sickness. This changed Jake. He doesn't plan on conquering something or kill someone in particular, he just seeks people who can entertain him in a fight.

Rock a bye Rosie!

It was a rather chilly day in the land of Hyrule. Snow had recently begun to fall and a coldness made one see their breath float in front of their faces. It was on this day that you were enjoying your solitude, the peace of a Hyrule shrouded in natural purity bringing calm to one's mind. That serenity, however, was shattered by the plaintive wails of what sounded like an infant. Upon following the sound, you stumble across a small reed basket, in which laid a little baby among the white blankets. Their blue eyes were filled with tears as they kept wailing, a note laid beside them reading My child is one of sincerest nature and needs to be protected from the darkness. May the Goddesses bless any who find this child, my sweet little Rose....
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