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The notion that Black Holes are the mechanism by which New Universes are created has been around for a little while. Physicist Lee Smolin suggested the possibility first, as far as I can tell, and some others have followed suit, most notably recently Stephen Hawking who says now that matter and information might be able to escape a Black Hole, but to do so it would have to enter into another universe.
Prior to the announcement of these suggestions I had intuitively come to this conclusion independently because of the notion that the Big Bang began with a singularity, and the only place in the Universe where singularities exist is at the bottom of Black Holes. So it seemed reasonable to me that sometimes conditions exist where these singularities bang or bounce into a new universe like ours did 13.7 billion years ago.
It has since been discovered that there is a super-massive black hole at the center of every galaxy in the Universe. Billions of them. The odd thing about these galaxies is that in direct contradiction to the laws of physics, stars at edge of the galaxy are not moving any faster than stars located towards its center. In other words, something is holding together, or pinning down down, all the regular matter in these galaxies, and keeping them from flying apart like the Laws of Physics and cosmic centrifugal force says it should.

I believe that's what's holding galaxies together are parallel universes that have pooled all along the length and breadth of the galaxy, and these parallel Universes are indeed what has been described as Dark Matter.

While Dark Energy is a repulsive source that drives the continuous arrow of time, Dark Matter being a gravitational force trapped in another Universe has only a slight, relatively ineffectual effect on the arrow of time by virtue of it being trapped in another space entirely different from the space in which we reside in. Thus its effects are dramatically filtered by the natural barrier of alternative areas of space created by the singularities that bang or bounce into previously non-existent regions of space.

Thus all creation is a honeycomb of alternative Universes created by big bangs or big bounces that create infinite cosmic real estate by acute gravitational situations that occur in singularities and then explode into new regions of newly created space. Borrowing from Lee Smolin' s theories, these newly created spaces are then seeded with particles and elements from the precursor universe, that ultimately evolve into a parallel universe, or pools of ever increasing matter, that exerts gravitation effects on its parent universe. Dark matter then is the proof that Alternative Universes exist. Dark Matter is the effect on our Universe visited upon us by Alternative Universes. Dark matter then is the "head side" and the Multiverse is the " tail side" of the same coin. Each universe like the opposite wing of a butterfly with the portal of the black hole holding its body together.

That this is process has happened over and over again billions or trillions of times make it a fundamental building block of how the Universe actually works. It is so prevalent and pervasive that it might be considered a fifth fundamental force. The interplay of Dark Energy, Parallel Universe Dark Matter, the Electro Magnetic Force, the Strong and Weak nuclear forces, and Gravity make the Universe and the Multiverse what they are. Infinite portals of unique infinitly intricate fabrics of SpaceTime.

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In The General Theory of Relatively Einstein describes SpaceTime as a fabric that is curved and warped by mass. In other words, mass causes the curvature of this fabric, and the curvature, in turn, causes objects of mass to move through SpaceTime.

Putting space and time and fabric together into one concept speaks of course to Einstein's genius for daring conceptual mash-ups. Prior to him these words rarely met in the same sentence. To this day it's a concept that's hard to wrap your mind around. How do space and time actually have anything to do with each other? How does empty space, in any way, shape, or form, behave like a fabric? Problem is, this "thought experiment" works. It makes accurate predictions about the movement of cosmic bodies with breathtaking precision and accuracy.

Having said that there is something peculiar about the fabric of SpaceTime. It started spreading and expanding trillionths of a second after the Big Bang and it hasn't really ever stopped expanding since. In fact, according to Astronomers, the rate of its expansion is increasing. Let's think about this for a minute. The fabric of SpaceTime is something that has been growing exponentially SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. What kind of fabric does that? It is not stretching itself thin, or spreading itself out, as much as it is growing eternally larger.

Physicists have taken to calling this repulsive force Dark Energy not because it is actually dark, but because it's beyond their conceptual understanding.

It's presumptive of me to even speculate on its nature, but I had the odd notion the other day that Dark Energy is actually the "time" in the fabric of SpaceTime equation, that if space doesn't expand there is no such thing as time, and if that expansion were to suddenly stop, time itself would stop too. In other words DARK ENERGY IS TIME, or at least, IS THE MECHANISM BY WHICH TIME IS CREATED. The spreading of Dark Energy then, is the "tick-tock" force driving the Universe's time-piece. Time only moves in one direction, and so does Dark Energy. Thus making of time and space synonymous, making them one thing, a fabric forever interwoven into itself.

The only time this fabric gets disrupted is when it encounters matter. That's when gets bent, folded, and manipulated. This is in outlier, an aberration to the general course of the Universe, which according to physicists, is 73% Dark Energy, 23 % Dark Matter, and only 4% regular matter such as stars, planets, and people. That's means that the way space and time behave in our little corner of the SpaceTime continuum creates a somewhat warped sense for us, of what it actually is, and how it actually behaves.

Dark Energy then is a continuous eternal movement outward, and as any watchmaker will tell you, a timepiece can't work without movement of some kind. Thus I am making the bold speculation that Dark Energy is the very engine of time, the creator of all space, and thus the very weaver of the fabric of SpaceTime itself.

Note: In searching for a image to illustrate this blogpost. The image I selected had a link to an article that actually confirms my independent speculations about this! Two physicists claim to have theoretical proof that Dark Energy is indeed the driving force behind time itself. How ironic I would find this while searching for an image to represent my speculative theory. Positively spooky! In any case here is a link to that article.

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Who knows what the universe is really about. But we are obviously the painful result of billions of years of the labored efforts of its painful gestations. Us. A reaction to everything that has has happened before in the twisted fabric of space time, and through our progeny, a factor in the ultimate fate of the Universe. We are creatures designed and sculptured by the past. A creature of oxygen and gravity and random historical chance. A DNA crapshoot. Chaos meeting the practical purpose of being. A manifestation of the Universes original oneness and the endless diaspora of chaos it has become. A chemical solution to an existential dilemma . The Universe trying to hone in on itself. Trying to understand itself. Trying to make sense of itself. The Universe trying to create a God that was absent at its creation and has always been sorely missed since. Man is the only thing remotely resembling God in the known Universe. Man is God. Face it. Deal with it. It's time to embrace this notion and run with it. Only by recognizing the immense power each of us and all of us posses can we effectively deal with the always dangerous present and an ever precarious future.

Gods and Aliens, if they exist at all,have so far refused to show themselves, and their cosmic silence is deafening. Human Beings are the only powerful creatures that can be proven to exist using the Scientific Method. We may not be alone, but we are the only ones, up until now, that have bothered to show up to the party.

If your asking for Jesus to take the wheel, no one is driving the car. If your following God's plan, your following no plan at all. As the song says, you need to be your own Personal Jesus. You need to the savior, the Jesus, of your own life, and the God of your own Universe. You need to start believing and nurturing the almost unlimited mental and spiritual powers billions of years of evolution on this planet have deposited in you. You have the power and ability to create any kind of private, personal Universe you desire, and collectively, by simply harnessing the amazing, unique abilities each of us possess, we can together create the kind of Future for mankind we all desire and deserve.

Your faith isn't raising you up, it's actually keeping you down. Your belief in God,
is preventing you from truly believing in your self. I'm not saying these things to disparage or discourage anyone, but instead I am trying to encourage everyone. Belief in God actually makes you feel powerless, belief in yourself instead empowers YOU.

So let me break it down for you. It is ALL ON US. Individually and collectively, to make the kind of world we want happen. Aliens aren't coming with the Calvary, and God isn't coming with a rescue party. We all must fight are own battles for material and spiritual survival. That is the way of a hard Universe. A tough a universe. A Universe that has forged us through cosmic trial and error, to become its ONLY KNOWN MASTERS. At least until something provably better, and demonstrably superior comes along, we all need to take the bull by the horns and LEAD, dammit.

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So I was watching the first episode of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. He starts off with a near death experience from a man who is almost drowned at Sea. The man held his breath while he was underwater for as long as he could and then he resigned himself to the inevitable and breathed in the salt water. He was for all intents and purposes dead, and experienced a variation of the standard Near Death Experience (or NDE) being drawn into a bright multi colored light and feeling a sense of well-being then he hadn't really felt before. One unique detail about his particular near death experience was intriguing to me, and another fairly standard detail got me thinking.
The unique detail was that he felt a connection, a relationship to that light that was more intense than any relationship he had ever had in life. In other words, he had felt more a part of the universe and more connected to it in death, than he ever had while living. Can it be, then, that living itself creates a sense of separation and distance from the universe, and alienation that does not exist in the more "normal" condition of not living? That in the afterlife, the connection between us and the universe is more readily apparent? That while living we are part of "the other", and in the after life part of the whole?
Meanwhile, the more standard detail led me to a tenuous grasp of understanding that the experience of "the otherness" of living, it's feeling of disconnect from the universe at large, is some how necessary to the advancement of the universe as a whole.
Let me explain, the other detail, was that at the very last moment, This being of pure light and understanding told him that "it was not HIS TIME, and that he HAD A UNIQUE PURPOSE" the Universe needed him to fulfill.
This, is pretty standard NDE stuff. It seems like almost everyone who comes back from the brink of death relates something similar. My question is, is why would the universe convey this sentiment to us, in this ultimate moment of existential crisis, after giving us a glimpse, a taste, of the beautiful cosmic inclusiveness the after-life seems to offer?
I mean, it appears that this man just gets a tiny sample of cosmic bliss and its accompanying sense of spiritual wholeness, and then that rug is summarily yanked out from under him, and he is told he must go back into the realm of the living to fulfill some undefined purpose or perform some unexplained task that is somehow essential to either the future of the Universe or this individual's soul or both. In any case, the exact mission is unclear but this man is not given a choice, HE MUST GO BACK! THE UNIVERSE HAS SPOKEN, and it apparently brooks no argument in this matter, or allows any dissent.
The conclusion must be reached from this that this person's "cosmic purpose" trumps all other considerations here. That the Universe knows at any given random moment whether a person's individual destiny has, or has not, been realized. Which implies that the Universe knows the future, and the intricate part every single living thing plays in it.
Let's take a second to digest the implications of all this. In these near death experiences the Universe's intention are generally conveyed by an entity of pure energy or light, though sometimes these things are expressed by forms familiar to us like the spirits of dead family or friends. But they are always presented with a certitude that a return to living must happen, or has to happen for everything to be right with the universe. That we all have a role to play in making sure this happens come hell or high water or life and death.That the future of the cosmos actually depends on it happening, and we are not allowed to leave this realm until we have fulfilled are mysterious "purpose".
Never mind that the man Morgan Freeman was talking to never revealed whether he had ever discerned what his purpose was in his subsequent years of living, or that such a thing is ever truly made discernible to anyone. Truth is a person's purpose could be any number of things, from the people or things we influence in an endless myriad of ways, to the lessons we learn from others or stuff we discover about ourselves. It could be this, it could be that, and we might get a sense of what it is, or even think we know what it is, but even then WE COULD BE WRONG.
So we go on a living, careening from event to event, blissfully unaware of whether we are fulfilling our purpose or not, until the Universe decides we have done it, and "our time" is up, and our seemingly absolutely essential contributions to the Universe has happened. The obvious implication being that if we all don't achieve our fundamental purpose, the whole Universe may collapse like a House of Cards.
This whole thing belies a highly structured deeply integrated Universe that is completely counter-intuitive to the random, chaotic, Universe we seem to find ourselves in. A Universe where every domino must fall just so for it to proceed correctly, versus the real Universe where the dominos fall out of bag and clatter to the floor randomly, in a cacophony of chaos and disorder.
So I am left with certain inevitable conclusions. That living matter is somehow a tool for organizing or ordering the Universe at large by a cosmic force that doesn't fit into our our generally accepted notions of what God is. A force of disembodied light and pure energy that sometimes uses the facsimiles of beings heretofore familiar to us to make its messages more palpable to us. But to those who are open to it, drops that pretense and appears nakedly as itself and seems to embody all the qualities of a Supreme Being or Supreme Force we could ask for, Infinite kindness, understanding, and acceptance, and Unconditional love despite our many flaws and bad decisions. Interestingly, this force of pure energy never seems to claim that it is God, or anything resembling a God that human beings have ever come up with. This force doesn't seem to care if your good or bad, or have done wonderful or even despicable things. What instead seems important to it, is whether or not not you have fulfilled your unique purpose or contributed what only you, in the unique combinations of the assets you possess, could manifest, or bring into being in the realm of the living.
I can only take from this that Near Death Experiences are entirely consistent with the over-arching theme of REVELATIONS AND SPECULATIONS, that the Universe, against all odds and reasonable understanding, is truly ALL ABOUT YOU AND CONVERSELY ALL ABOUT US AS A WHOLE, AND THE FUTURE OF OUR SMALL INDIVIDUAL UNIVERSES AND THE UNIVERSE AT LARGE IS PRETTY MUCH DEPENDANT ON US, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, AND ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME.
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