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The Draco Palawensis/Macalua Gacita/ nor Draco Palawensis is a kind of living flying lizard , a smallest flying lizard have found in the Magsaysay Elementary School nor presence in the municipality of Cagayancillo,Palawan,Philippines .It has 3-5 inches in its slender body with coloration nor with two wings nor mouth nor legs nor feet nor arms as bases of the definitions observed based as Theoritically Optimistics Philippines Integral Comparative Scheme Approach nor TOPICSA nor Interpretation Styles Incalculate Process Resemble Abreast nor ISIPRA is a Cuyonon term means thinking,mind settings nor styles in interpretation of such things in goodness of heart and mind through On Process System nor OPS nor Online Process System nor OPS nor Organizational Programmer Sourcing nor OPS nor www.gacita jerome macalua business site advisor nor DZIP Radyo Palaweno/ nor Draco Plawensis Business Online Process System in heart and mind .
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