Im sitting in a compartment on the hogwarys express with my 2 friend and the trolly witch comes by. My ftiends dont have alot of money so i buy everyones stuff and she wanders off i open a licorish wand and hand my friends what they had me buy. Then we hear a voice ask "can i sit here?" We look up to see y/c

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Name; vivian cresent abegail
Nickname; violet
Year: 6th
Blood status:pure blood
Favorite qoute: why not?, rules are made to be broken!
Patronus: narwhall
Evil or good; depends on mood
Wand:red ceder and phinox fether
Quiddetch position:none
Boggart:father not being proud
Friends:lily evestlipen, and falicity pow
Likes: drawing,wrighting,painting, and being with her friends
Dislikes:reading,being alone and her father being dossiponted.
Personality: prankser, sometimes moody,artistic and sometimes snobbish
Bio: both of my perants wer magical,rich and pureblood. So she grw up in a mansion. Her parents wer friends with the malfoys yet she dispised draco. At early age she showed magic and became a amegisas. As she grew she befrwnded her two friend who where purblood also. As she grew she was told her father was always right. So she grew afraid to dissipobt her father.

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Not sure how this is gonna work out lol

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I am totally Luna lovegood

hi guys, just wondering who will be who given this is role play. I would love to be Hermione
thanks, hayley
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