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I've created a Slack Community for EFIDroid. Slack is like a better IRC alternative.

Slack is invite based but luckily there's a tool where u can enter your mail and which automatically accepts your request.

For IRC lovers: Slack has an IRC gateway:(you need to join first)

Heya, I have a oneplus 5t and i was wondering if i could get help porting.

Hey, since its release I tried to use EFIDroid several times on my Oneplus One (kind of an old phone by now, huh? 😉), but I always faces some issues that made me not use it for longer.

I actually was able to install and boot different roms while forcing SELinux to Permissive (not every rom though, some just didn't work) but they always seemed much much slower than the primary Rom.

I checked the Logcat and it turned out it was giving me errors about the GPU driver (couldn't find a specified file or something), and I therefore think it rendered the whole screen on the CPU which would explain the lack of performance...

I really like the concept of this project and would love to make it work properly on my device!
I know you are working on a new version, is there a way to follow your progress or do you know when you'll release it?

Thanks so much for you answer and your work on this project!

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Are the development progressing for the 6p nexus? do you need help ?


I'm using EFIDroid on my Oneplus One, and I feel like when I use another rom it drains the battery a bit faster than usual. Also, it's a lot slower when browsing files with any file explorer, and I have issues sometimes when trying to do operations like renaming a file, copying a file, etc... (it just never ends and doest not do it in the end)

My second rom has its partition on Loopsystem+Bind other, and I let the default things. The location is /data/media/0/multiboot/romname

Is it normal ? If not, is there a way to fix it ?

While installing the OpenGapps using TWRP (version 3.2.1) and EFIDroid (version 0.1), the phone, oneplus one, reboots during the installation, and EFIDroid gives this error:

Can't allocate child memory: -9 0xfffffff7

A google search shows that the message comes from modules_libsyshook/src/arch/arm/arch.c

how it's going on version 2? :)

Just joined the Slack group. I'll be moseying for a bit.

Hello. Let me say that I love this project. I am amazed about the amount of work you have done on this. Do you think I could participate with x86 Intel Atom based devices like asus zenfone 2 ?
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