Yet another busy week, but I managed to create these for everyone:

On the Fantasy 8 page:
"Enchanted Hollow" (Looping)

On the Dark/Ominous Page:
"The Island of Dr. Sinister" (Looping)

And on the Drama 2 page:
"Anomalies Abound" (Looping)


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We are proud to announce you that the Torque T3D Terrain Import Plugin available on our online shop is also available on Unity Asset Store (

For support post all your questions on our community section using the Torque3D Plugin category.

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Just released a plugin to import Torque3D / TGEA / TGE terrain file inside Unity3D.

You can check it on our shop at or through Unity Asset Server soon.

#torque3D #unity3d #garagegames  
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Hey guys I'm new to the community but I've run into a problem tho. Me and a few people are working on a project but we have run into a snag. We are using blender to export our shapes and models but to get it working i had to set a material but I forgot to name the material so they are all the same texture when we put them into torque 3d is there a way to fix this without re exporting everything?
Thanks for your help 

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Hey guys trying to get some feedback about Twillo integration that we did with our real-time platform. As a game developer would you use SMS? Possible use case retargeting, user acquisition, cross promoting. 

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Dear Torque Game Comunity,

We are developers from Ukraine and creating a new augmented reality game "X-Rift". The game is set in a Parallel reality where you have to fight or to ally with others to control territories and protect yourselves from monsters. 

I would kindly ask for your opinion about the game. How do you like the idea? What would you recommend us to do in it?

PS If you want to try it, please register at and we'll send you an invite when get a stable version. 

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To those guys that doesn't read the blogs at, my product the IPS Bundle has been released and I just released an exciting new blog about it.
On the 25. of July the current discount will stop and it will jump 14$ in price so you should have a look at it now!
Release blog:
Latest blog:

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Scoreoid is truly cross platform with no SDK and works with the Torque Game Engine.
The Ultimate Gaming Backend-as-a-Service for Game Developers!
Scoreoid is a non-restrictive, reliable and easy to use Gaming Backend-as-a-Service. Developed by game developers, for game developers saving game developers cost and time.   
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