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Hi, I have started a Haskell DC meetup please join us on 12/16

Hmm, not much  activity. How about we just meet for beers so that at least we can meet each other?

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Haskell for System Programming! This is an area that deserves more attention.  But how do we get people to understand this is an area ripe for Haskell?

I should know by next week whether or not my employer has space available for a meet up. If they don't, I'll start looking around for other venues.

How do we let people know we exist?

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If this group ever gets going, here is one thing I'll want to start a discussion on:

My employer (Novetta Solutions) is currently consolidating Tyson Corner offices. March is "move" month.  I'll have a better idea for what a potential  meeting space will look like in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned...
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