Nice im innn line id any one??
Mine is lucasricard PM me please

Bison! Are you here??

Woo. Hi everyone! No one uses this anymore! :D

We now have a Line group for those who use line. Add me under Tencolin and I will invite you to it. Will facilitate raid events and trades.

Looking for:
[Scientific Solution] Mister Fantastic (SSR)
[Star-Spangled Avenger] Captain America (UR)
[Mind Over Matter] Professor X

I've got some cards I'm hoping to trade
[Pixie] Wasp
[Son of Chaos] Wiccan

Handle *CrazyBison

New for trade (7/16/13):

SS Rare:
*[Scientific Solution] Mr. Fantastic

S Rare:

*Black Bolt
*[Synthezoid] Vision
*[Vampire Hunter] Blade
*[Practitioner of Ancient Alchemy] Dr. Strange
*[Stone Skin, Soft Heart] The Thing
*[Fire Blast] The Human Torch x2
*[Son of Chaos] Wiccan


So many. Ask for something specific lol.

Raid Boss Events:  Please keep all tips for raid boss events here via replies.

Looking for:
[Star-Spangled Avenger] Captain America (UR)
[Son of Chaos] Wiccan (SR)
[Mind Over Matter] Professor X

Tips on leveling and mastering your cards:
(Remember to always fully master and level before fusing)!
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