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BTW if you dont do this i get to punch you in the face HARD. have a bless day

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When your playing 2k

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I beat glacius I'm such a boss Ass Cryomancer❄💪👀

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Name: Silver Cobra

Age: 100

Body Age: Looks 20

Height: 6'6

Weight: 250

Gender: Male

Affiliation: The Choasrealm

Rank: Esscorpion's Lutienent

Physical Abilities: Supernatural Strength: Can Lift Over 10 tons, Supernatural Speed: Silver is Especially quick on his feet. Able to stop time with his ability to move quickly, Supernatural Agility: Able to evade blows at a high rate often not getting hit with 75% of the shots opponent throws.

Weapon of Choice: The Dragon Sword: The sword is sharp enough to cut through anything

Combat Abilities: Expert Swordsman: Silver is more talented with a blade than all of Esscorpions warriors. He moves with a blade faster than anyone and he has excellent accuracy.

Ki Practioner: Can fire devastating ki blasts from his finger that can blasts holes into flesh and bone.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Unless your a big threat Silver wont even draw his sword. Some say its cockyness Silver says its just skill. He'll fight you bare handed if you aren't up to his level in sword fighting.

Bone Manipulation: Silvers Art is Bone Manipulation. He can control, break, or dismember the opponents bone structure. He can manipulate his bones into weapons of often body armor.

Cell Disintegration: Along with Bone manipulation hes often been know to have Cell Disintegration. He can manipulate all the cells in the opponents body and disintegrate them causing immense pain and stopping cell regeneration.

Magic: Dark Magic

Bio: Silver was born As the dreaded Reptile and ruled over Outworld with a iron fist until he met the Hasashi Family. They terrorized his lands and race killing every reptilian including his wife and child. When they left he sought out after them killing anything in the way but eventually met his end and was slaughtered by the Second oldest son. After years and years in the Netherealm he seen Esscorpion slay both Quan Chi and Shinnok in front of him. Afraid to stand up to the Elder God again Reptile joined him and changed his name to cobra. He later became Esscorpions number Two and changed again into His new form Silver.
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All Shall Perish Before My Blade

Blood Makes Me Want More



The White Assassin, Snow

Mileenas Royal Guard/Shirai Ryu Assassin




Enhanced Durability, Possession, Power Absorption, and Power Mime*

[Ability Explanation]
☆Enhanced Durability☆
The Ability To Withstand Powerful Attacks

I Use Chrome Smoke To Move Into Your Mind And Control You

☆Power Absorption☆
Absorbs The Powers Of A Beaten Opppnent

☆Ability Mime☆
I can mimic your abilities and use them against you

Shape shifting, Necromancy, Evocation, and Reality Warping

[Powers Explanation]
☆Shape shifting☆
Khrome can turn his arms and legs into any weapon created

Khrome can also use death magic

Khrome can summon a spirit or demon to fight with him

☆Reality Warping☆
Khrome can change, alter, destroy, or create reality.

†Destructive Capacity†: Island level

†Speed†: Massively Hypersonic

†Durability†: Country level

†Striking Strength† Class PJ+ (Same as Shinnok)

Weapons Barrage: Khrome can shape shift his arms into any weapon while his legs can be turned into any motorized weapon.

Arise the Legion: Khrome can summon a demon legion but not to fight but to increase his offensive attacks.

The Almighty: I bring a dark magic sword from the ground that unleashes toxin that strips healing, immortality, and any other magic affects. (Note: this toxin is very lethal to earthrealm humans)

Reality Stripping: Allows Khrome to move, evade and counter attacks through moving through reality zones.

Possession X-Ray
Khrome turns to smoke as he appears behind you to spin kick your spine and as you fly forward he appears in front of you and fires a nuke to your skull.

Khrome Fatality I turn to smoke and enters your brain as I turn into a bomb as I explode you to pieces

Welcome another diety made by Shao Kahn his name is Khrome. He was made for one purpose to assist his daughter mileena and make sure she doesn't die. While not being to thrilled by his aassignment he wouldn't say no to Shao Khan so he agreed to watch over to Queen but on one faithful day he lost the queen during the war in earth realm and met some friends along his way to recover his place as one of the queens royal guards and a elite member if the Shirai Ryu Clan of assassins. 

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"I am Sub Zero Grandmaster of the linkuei"


whαtєvєr чσu wαnt tσ αdd

íf чσu dσn't dσ ít gєt tσ σut

+Inferno Hasashi
+Hanzo Hellfire Scorpion Hasashi

kαílα ѕαíd hí. ѕhє σn "puníѕhmєnt" lσl
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