My name is shadow shy, hai!
Some details about me...
Name: Shadow Shy
Nickname: Shy Ali
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Alicorn

And if I can't be Shadow Shy, can I be fluttershy?

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I found 2 vectors of DT and SS on Google Images and decided to do this!

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Let me explain them to you.

1. You MAY use an OC but not over 1.
2. You CAN only use ONE existing pony.
3. You MUST read the list of ponies used before joining.
4. You CAN invite other friends to this community.
5. You CANNOT bully other people in this community
6. Please keep in mind I like to pick favourite ponies one minute by one.

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the moment where you see your friend do something new
Animated Photo

Welcome everypony!
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