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Please my friends let me die. +Ken Mewcario​​​ seems to not care to stop people from trying to make him cheat on me. If I die, they will be happy. They hate me so much that they get sexual with him when they know he has me

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kagome sit alone crying. She doesn't understand why she keeps getting cheated on. She feels like everyone who knows her boyfriend doesn't want her and him to be together. Her boyfriend was +Ken Mewcario​​. He was the reason she was alive. She felt loved by him but as soon as his friends comment on his posts it turns into they getting him to cheat. She remained loyal to him. Most of his friends knew that he was with her but yet they still make him cheat on her. She takes a knife to her wrists and cuts as she was shaking so bad. Was she not good enough for him? Did his friends hate her so much? She felt that his friends hated her so much that they forced him to cheat on her. Her heart was breaking

Sad 😭

Why must this happen?
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