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Hi there,

I am trying to gather enthusiast around to create something like node-red or go-red. Are you interested to colloborate? I think what is missing is the a proper gui like node-red which you can drag and drop and edit on the fly for web interface.

Let me know at

We can have monthly of bi-monthly online meetup to do feature, etc.

Visit our group at!forum/go-fbp

I have also posted some relating articles for your own consumption.


Hi Canberra Gophers!

My name is Chelsea, and I am a programmer at Pivotal Labs in Chicago, IL. I work on Cloud Foundry's Diego project, and I love pair programming in Go. I'm looking for others to pair with (any project, really, the goal is for us to learn and enjoy the language!) and the best time for me to do that is 7-9 AM my time any morning. That's midnight to 2 AM your time. If anyone is a night owl and would love to have someone to code with on a project, either of yours or of mine, at that time of night, I'd love to talk to you! 

Hey Gophers, I need your help to change the world!

I'm a programmer from South Africa currently living in Canberra, Australia. A couple weeks ago I had an idea that kept me up all night. The next day I shared it with my brother Clyde, and neither of us have slept properly since. We're dedicating the next 12 months to making it a reality.

Without going into detail we're creating a disruptive technology, a social network built upon openness and accountability. 

The next step for us is to put together the core team. I have a BSc in Computer Science, a Diploma of Computer Game Development, and 2 years experience working in the games industry, but no experience in web programming.

We need someone with exceptional skills and experience in the following areas:
> Front and Back End Web Development
> HTML 5
> CSS3
> Database Design
> AngularJS

Experience in these technologies would be great too:
> Go
> Google App Engine
> Android / iPhone

Personality traits:
> A "big" thinker - remember, we're going to change the world!
> A healthy appetite for adventure
> Hard working
> Honest

Could you have lead the development of the following websites from scratch?

If so, I'd love to hear from you. 

We expect the job would be part time for the next month or two, ramping up to full time in the new year. 


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Thanks everyone for coming to the talk yesterday. Attached to this post there is a link to the folder containing the code containing one solution to the challenge and all the different steps we followed to build a web application based on the meetup's API.

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September Challenge

A gopher plush for the fastest Go mean calculator! This go playground contains an implementation with a calculator of the mean of a integers slice.

The challenge consist in changing the yourCode() function to calculate the mean of the slice as fast as possible. The current content of the function points you towards the solution, splitting the slice in different parts, but you might need to add some go routines to it to make it fly! 

Unfortunately the time module doesn’t work on the playground, so you’ll need to run it locally if you want to know how you compare to the benchmark.

Post your proposed implementation as a comment to this post with a link to your go playground code (share button). The fastest one will receive a gopher on our next meeting on the 7th of October!

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A great way of practicing your Go skills (among many others) trying to solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles:

Very nice!

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Great night !
Here is the cli tooling I mentioned tonight.
this is a scaffolding app that will scaffold out for a new cli (simple or command suite).

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Thank you all for coming yesterday! Here are some links to the job queue program we saw yesterday. The sample app is deployed in the google app engine (free go app hosting service).

Source code is in github

The file server.go is where everything happens (backend). This code is prepared to be deployed in the app engine, as you can see there is no main() function and there is an init() function instead. If you want to run this server locally you'll need to change the name of this functions and remove the app engine packages imports.

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