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My friend didn't reshare this... A week later his body was found in the woods.

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This should say it all


Oh wow haven't been here in a while but anyways on with the story

I feel sick the nurse is sick as well everything seems so bland osana is gone,amai is gone,that annoying girl kizana is goneand asu is gone where did everyone go? Osana is not a her house she is missing i hope they are not dead.thats all for now.

Sorry for not posting any thing so i'll contine the story for the restof the week to make it up
Today is friday i have social studies first ugh this class is boring ... The bell rung yes its lunch huh kokona is not here hmm miku told me that she is she couldn't be miyu told me so teto is fine you start eating your bento oh the cooking club presedent hi .............. Oh hi Taro she blushed oh well gotta go see ya .................. You wish osana was here well at least no body called you BAKA! No more lunch is over you try to go to class but remember all teacher have a meeting with the headmaster so there is no class instead its after school you must clean up but a group of delinquents are there they wisper omg thats her crush i heard about how his friend is a tsundere well lets let him pass or our boss ......... Will kick our #$$ yeah wow uselly they gove students dirty looks or call them losers or sometimes well rately give students comatose thats why their leader is suspended .... Comment down to tell me the reference's and what the cooking club presedent and the delinquient rivals names should be

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Name:alliyah sonota persona:social butterfly crush:?????? Club:robotics Strength:really strong additional info:osana's best friend osana really trusts her and knows her crush about senpai💗,most likely will witniss murder

A new rival will apprear soom tune in on friday

Its tuesday kokona starts running at you she bumps into you then saki kokona's best friend starts running at her "geez kokona just because hes your crush dosent mean you can just ditch your friend""oh sorry saki" you blush "well me and saki must go we don't want to be late" softly said kokona.2 hours later... Its lunch time you meet kokona at the sakura tree in front of the building kokona says today go to the mall? "How are we going to get there?" you say. kokona says "well walking obiously duh" "but the mall is to far to walk can't your dad drive us there instead" you said "well I've only told saki so don't tell any of my friends especially yui rio now ever since my mom died my dad's been drinking alot and sometimes when he's drunk he comes into my room and... Forget i ever said anything okay"kokona starts sobbing you go hug her than SPLASH you and kokona both get wet you say eho was that then...

You are late to class your child hood friend osana najimi is in your class you cant stop thinking about who could splash water on the girl but then the bell rings and its lunch time you sit with your friend osana but she starts coughing it gets louder she is lying on the floor you start yelling "osana OSANA a..are you okay" you start crying you go tell a teacher you start hearing screams from other students you tell the teacher that you saw a dead student she says "DEAD? Lead me to them." you lead her there shes not there she says angeried "was this just a prank i dont think it was very funny?!" you say confused " but i swear it was right here?" lunch is over ypu cant stand the fact that osana is not here you ask her best friend she says that she has'nt seen osana all day...

You are senpai you see a orange haired girl standing near a tree you go over there try to talk to her and all of a sudden ring the school bell rang you and the girl walk to class then splash she got wet and ran to the locker room
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