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(Johann Sebastian Bach)

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An introduction to the new full video of The Well-Tempered Clavier.

A sample:

The Ab Major Fugue

Joy. Pure joy. Much of music history was spent being sad, with upbeat music only serving to exacerbate the fall into emotional disarray (e.g. the entire Romantic period.) Bach, however, was capable of unfettered rejoicing, and this fugue rejoices quite merrily.

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The complete video is here! Enjoy and watch all 48 pieces of the Well-Tempered Clavier recording in one video, with the notes. This is the biggest and best video to date - I hope you enjoy some Bach today :-)

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Unbridled joy, from start to finish.

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A pretty good recent doco on Bach.

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The annual BachFest in Cochabamba, Bolivia is currently taking place with a lot of concerts, lectures and other activities. Bach of course is the main focus.

Music from Kimiko Ishikaza’s recording of the Goldberg Variations will be used in a lecture about Bach and Fractals this Saturday (March 23) at the BachHaus. The event starts at 18:00 with a video by Arthur C. Clarke about Fractals. The lecture on Bach, the Goldbergs and Fractals is at 19:00 local time.


Complete program in english:

and in spanish:

Mr German Morales will explain the theory behind fractals with the help of a series of fractal movies who have the Goldberg Variations by Kimiko Ishikaza as their soundtrack. Based on what I know it will not be a dry lecture and there might be a lot of fun and surprises so if you are in the area please give it a go !

Without the initiative of Kimiko and her team to make her recording of the GBs open source this would have been impossible. I would like to cite this as an example that Life Without Copyright is indeed possible and can lead to positive results around the world !

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The king of kings.

A short biography in large text interlaced by portraits accompanied by the Allego.
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