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My Little Dalek

This is what happens when someone combines crochet, Doctor Who and My Little Pony.

There's some lovely detail in the work and I think these are adorable.

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my first pony pic i made myself hope u like it

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bio:(i need to think of it)
+Sunshine Sprinkle 

"This is completely unfair." I said my arms crossed and slouching
"you're lucky I haven't killed you."
"No. You're lucky I haven't run away." I scowled turning my head and seeing...

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Name: Sprouting Bulb
Age: Unknown
Species: Changeling
Bender: Fire
Gender: Female
Bio: I'll do it later.

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Species:alicorn but hides her horn making herself look like a Pegasus.
Bio:when moonshine was young she didn't even know her bender power until one day she was just minding her own business she burnt her book by mistake and then realized her bender is fire.
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I am walking around the market looking for construction supplies and food

drops a gigantic bag "there, ya happy?"
Zuko: "yeah, sure."
walks away angry, 10 minutes later is sitting in a small hut "why is my life so frustrating? gah! i need friends!"

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Name: Eddie
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Pony Cyborg
Bender: Earth Bender\ Metal Bender
Personality: Loner, Handy, Genius, Brave, Not very Social, Mysterious, Quiet, Not quick to anger, Master Mechanic, Skeptical at Times, Sometimes Soul-Searching, Can be Friendly, Trustworthy, Strong-Willed, Hot-headed and Trusting
Bio: Was raised by Master Mechanic, I learnt everything I needed to know about machines, But then, Someone burnt down the house at night, My parents didn't make it out, I was badly Injured, I made machine body parts to support my body, I can still use these body parts to Earth Bend and Metal Bend.
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