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Rip dead community

*slowly walks out of office after retrieving my class schedule and waits for the person that volunteers to show me around the school* +Michael Slayer

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Midnight: is walking in the forest that is surrounding the school, she's wearing her usual outfit but she has on a doctors mask and she is carrying a little bouquet of flowers ((link)) along with her sword
((Open rp))

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saying: how will this story unfold

name: gavin leòideach

nickname: talebearer

age: 326

date of birth:1690

date of death:1707

gender: male

personality: dull and defeated


sexuality: straight

skill (non-combat): tailoring, carpentry, cooking, thatching, playing piano, fishing, spellcraft, alchemy

bio: born in Scotland 1690 to an a abusive drunk of a father and a sadistic witch mother and while his father beat him till the day he died his mother taught him the essentials and spellcraft till she was ran out by her husban and the town but before she left she taught her son a curse her absence only served to anger his father more and in a fit of anger he draged gavin to the field and nailed him to the post where gaven enacted a curse to grant him revenge by being eaten by crows but he woke up changed and deformed he had been curseing with immortality and resurrection he now spends his time makeing deals trading magic for "things"

skill (combat): spellcraft

powers: control over the elements animals and the ability to transmogrify into a crow

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Saying: "Nice heart, can't wait to try it~"

Name: Michael

Nickname: Slasher

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Usually quiet and soft spoken, hanging around either in my dorm or in the library, reading and generally staying hidden from everyone and sitting at the back of all my classes.

Sexuality: Gay

Weapons: A simple, yet effective Butterfly Knife

Powers/abilities: Can control shadows, seeing as I have none of my own.

Species: Human Demon hybrid

what they look like (Used photos too)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: One Blue and one Green

Height: 5' 4"

What they wear: Usually wearing black skinny jeans, a gray tee-shirt, and a dark blue pullover hoodie with black converse

Bio: Was born to an absent father and alcoholic mother, being beaten by my mother until my 16th birthday, when something finally snapped in my mind and I killed her, cutting out her heart and eating it, leaving after setting the house on fire and running into the woods, hiding there.
I found this University and enrolled, getting accepted a week later and I've been here ever since...
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Nickname: mouse
Power/abilities: can conjure light
Species: angel
What they look like
Hair color: green
Eye color: purple
What they wear: hoodie and jeans
Bio: was born in Ireland and was abandoned at age 5 cause of my wings and ability.has being going to one place to another since. Till I found the university an enrolled been here since then

I was sitting in my art class, just sketching random faces and trees, looking out the window with a sigh..

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