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1.) No bullying (I'm pretty sure everyone hates bullies)
2.) Make at least one profile before you rp with someone (I am not trying to be mean please don't hate me)
3.) Have fun (I want everyone to be happy)


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Quote~ "Sleep tight or put up a fight"
Name~ Eyeless Victoria
Nickname~ Eyeless tori
Age~ 18
Gender~ Female
Birthday~ July 14
Zodiac~ Cancer
personality~ Sweet/ scary at times/ caring
sexuality~ Straight
crushes~ Black Inc splatters
weapons~ Butterfly knife
Powers~ Has wings
species~ Demon
Hair color~ Burgundy
Eye color~ Has no eyes
Height~ 5'6
weight~ 100
Likes~ Horror movies, nice people, and killing sprees
Dislikes~ Spiders, and when people mistreat her
Bio~ Doesn't talk about her past

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